The First Day

Taken from Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne


My name is Tee Jowee. I turn 21 in June (2011), a journalist, student of the arts, and a Malaysian.

This blog was set up under faith that I would be a travel writer one day.

But I’ve recently changed my tracks a little, it won’t just be about travel- I have too much to say, interests that are too wide to contain, and curiosities that span across all categories and any box I can place myself under.

I know, big dreams, big plans- too many it would seem. Yet there’s always been this crack of hope, foolish optimism and stirring naiveté that I’ve always held on to. It takes little steps to getting there, and this blog is just like that. Its the first of many, little steps.

I wanted this to be the space where I document the things I’ve learnt. From observing how other people live, the things they’ve said and maybe sharing a little about my world too. Its not just the physical space though, but all the things that makes me- Me. How I was brought up, my parents, the things I get inspired by, the people that move me, my opinions and all these ideas that are worth sharing.

The world really doesn’t need another blog, but I do. And as much as my words are for you, it is also for me. People have said that the best growth happens with relationships that are made up of a healthy give and take. I’m hoping my perspective is able to give something, and what I’ll take from all this, is a whole load of experience.

Currently undergoing a student exchange in Australia, never before has my nationality been such a big factor to who I am. As much as it has been the glasses I looked out of, I also realized that where I come from has been the anchor point to how others have been able to identify with, and never have I been this proud.

I’m so inspired by books, words, my friends, music, art, food and culture. So this blog will have a lot of that.

My years are small, my funds few, but I will travel widely. This is my resolve.

So these are the discoveries I’ve made along the way, the little that I’ve seen and know have given me this much to say; and I’m penning them all here.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau

In the spirit of that, on with the show!



That's where I'm from


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