Happy-Happy Joy-Joy

Recently, I asked my friends to pick what they felt was the best picture of us together. They were meant to pick one. Just ONE that encapsulates the full entirety of our friendship. This was meant to be our favourite picture, that one solid representation that tells the story of what we were all about- the one that just said it all- If that was even possible. The problem was, we had so many great ones, it was almost too difficult to decide. Most of them sent me 3 or 4, some obediently sent one, lamenting the fact that it was just one.

But I was curious, I wanted to know if anything, what that picture looked like.

After scouring the inventory we’ve stacked up over the years, I’ve come up with a painfully selected list of my friends and I.

The ones I picked were the ones that I felt marked a very important turning point in our friendship- the one where we first realized how close we were, or how great we were together. Here’s a friendship in images:

Here are some solo, you+me, non-group type shots that we liked:

(We fell to the floor, laughing, the time I tried carrying her and dropped us both to the ground)

I wanted to this post to be my first, real post because I thought it important to remember why I’m living. No matter where my goals take me- health or wealth or successes, life is about people. Life is made up of relationships. So I wanted this, first and foremost to be a celebration of those relationships.

The truth is, I’m probably one of the most painfully ordinary people in the world, but somehow, these people have managed to take what was so simple, and made it so completely extraordinary.

I wanted to remember that no matter what I’m feeling that day- the you’re not-good-enough, the less-than-perfect, those wretched insecurities that takes direct hits to the chest, there are always these constants, these ‘K-factors’ in your life who tell you that you’re good enough, you matter, and their love for you will never change.

I wanted these people to know that they made a difference.

To my girls and guys: Vicky, Celine, Mel, Iman, Hang, Jing, Justin, Swan, Huey Li, Carmen, Ea, Linny, Ivy, Tania (erk! no picture together), Loo, Matthias, Maka, Joseph, Daryl, Nat, Sam, Jeremy … and my family- Chestnut, Nadia, Cindy, Luke, Wye Sern…

Even though some of us may not have talked or seen each other in awhile, You guys were, are, and still will be….

Much love,




  1. My picture is there but you didn’t ask me for my fav pic of us … haha 🙂 But I am glad I made it there 🙂

  2. oh woowwwww im soo happy to c my picture with u there on the top most page!!!!
    i miss u ruo wei….T_T wish i can run over to you and hug u n feel u!!!!so badly!!!T_T

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