Winter gains and losses

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“Oh look at you looking all journalist-ey coming in with your cup of coffee” Boss quipped as I walked in this morning. Of course that’s what she would have said if she played by the rules of my imagination. But no, unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way, cause if it did, Jack Wilshire and Fabregas would be hanging out with me in my London loft, playing Xbox and eating pizzas all day. But that’s another fantasy for another time.

 Image credits: link

Image credit: link

Winter’s here, which means another legitimate reason to be blaming the weather for all my woes. At this time of year, one out of two things happen- either you keep warm and look like you got run over by a train, or you look good and freeze your butt off. Today, I chose the former. Military Jacket, jeans, and a knitted sweater, nothing fancy. In fact the only altercation to my face today was changing my fringe parting from its usual left-ey to right. I’m being adventurous and trying out a new look.

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The weather had a real bite to it too today, sometimes I wonder if my feeling cold really is attributed to the weather or its dependent on my body’s ability to produce warmth that day. Because somedays I’m bleeding cold, while others I’m just peachy, even when the thermostat gives the same number on both accounts. On the train, I saw some people in just a hoodie, its so unfair, the world mocks me while I burrow in my bundled up state. In another cry of unjust, I have recently gained nothing but weight without the warmth. Its also doubly weird because I don’t feel any fatter than usual- my tummy’s not bulbous, neither do my clothes feel any tighter, in fact my tummy’s been quite flat of late- but the scales say otherwise. Which is why I’m pretty sure the weights at my house are wrong, but then I’m pretty sure denial in my mind is right.

On other public transport news, the train was particularly sardine-crammed today. Mostly because its one of those rare occasions that I wake up in time for rush hour- it was 9-ish. It gives me a strange sense of pleasure to commute because I feel like the professional working woman that power-walks to work after a power drink of banana smoothie, in full work-clothes and sneakers, though I really just am in sneakers sans work clothes, and I didn’t have a power drink.

But hey, hey HARK! I am a commuter!

Ah who am I kidding? No matter how we ameliorate it, travel-time remains quite shit. In fact the only rare perks I get from riding the train is squeezing up against the cute guy from Melbourne Uni that just walked in (He was wearing the Melbourne Uni sweatshirt, that’s how I knew! not because I’m that weird stalker that knows these things okay?!). Is it quite sad that this is the only form of action I’m getting all week? (month….. okay fine maybe year)

One of the other perks for winter is the fashion and incessant people-watching. Some of the fashion ads are quite ludicrous, featuring winter-wear and models in camel-colored short-shorts. No one wears such short-shorts in winter! Unless you wish to fall under the previously made statement of crazy cold but gorgeous. On the other hand, men in handsome coats. Never underestimate the power of a good coat. It turns ordinary men in to extraordinary turn-ons.

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This was taken off Kimm’s tumblr reblog. I must say, never have I wanted to hump a mannequin. I’m sorry was that vulgar? For that I again blame the winter (Seriously there must be some extent to which I stop blaming the weather for everything). Other than the momentary spurts caused by random excitations like these, my ovaries otherwise stays dormant, due to winter hibernation.

So that was my literally – ‘train of thought’ (HAHA! Pun!) while commuting the whole way to the office today.

Have a good day everyone.

Boss walked in with her cuppa and sighed “ah~ all is right in the world again…”





p.s. I have decided not to try to be intelligent anymore. Not that I’m saying I ever was, the operative word is -try. and also because intelligent people don’t have to try. 😉 Besides, mom says the smart ones are those that know how to seek God.



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