Top Ten Superficial things I love about Melbourne:

Its the little things that tell you you’re home.

Hello sounds of a whirring fan overhead! Good day squawks and tweets of my feathered friends familiar only to these parts!  And the warmth of the sun! Oh the sun! I revel in the swelter of the earth and the heat of the day. Even though we melt away and complain, I’d rather all my days in warmth than the cold of winters. The irony is not lost that I’m going to Canada next.

Anyway… Because I love lists, here’s one about all the superficial things I love about Melbourne. Superficial because I’m not talking about the politics or development or anything like that, just quoting Rebecca Black today and going- “fun-fun-fun-fun…”

1) The Food

Pumpkin Risotto

Yes Yes, Malaysian food is awesome and we will miss-miss it forever-ever. It is so good and cheap and we have awesome Nasi-Lemaks and Char Koay Teow, and I want to marry pork noodles one day. But honestly, honestly, Western food in KL is a no fight ‘thing’ compared to Western Countries, just because, ” We’re not Western la… and we don’t have to be.” Anyway, Best pizzas, Risotto, HIMYM Burgasmic Burgers are found here!

Mercadante Pizza

Pizzas you can get for AUD$5 dollars on special days.

Porky pork pork

Porky McPork pork

And guys, Pork! Pork is cooked to perfection, Pork is rampant, available, displayed and proudly promoted!

Andrew's burgers

Andrew's Burger: The Burgasm

And oh my gosh, Andrew’s Burger, I hope you are alright with polygamy because I wish to marry you too.

But okay yes, in truth, I am also one of those sticklers for Asian-pride, and glorifying Malaysian food so I’m a bit -iffy about this point.

2) The Fashion

torn stockings

via vicky b.

I love people-watching and watching how they interpret fashion. The liberties people take to wear whatever they want is so refreshing, and other people don’t stop and stare at you. (Pet Peeve: I hate, hate, HATE people that stare. Malaysians need to learn how to stop staring)

Also, I love the cheap clothes. You can get classy pleather skirts for AUD$ 5.95 here, tops for AUD$2, shoes for AUD$10-25.

Window shop fashion

And do you not love this shop or what? I stop and stare every time I walk pass it on Hardware Lane. It just looks like art.

Sky- High heels

These stompy things I got for AUD$25. They are the highest-heels I own. The best was that I actually could don it there without people thinking I’m a towering-monster.

Then when shoes get on discount, they come IN my size! And not have to curse that skinny/small bitch for taking your size.

Added plus, we get to wear the shoes on display! Instead of squeezing into those measly size ‘5’s in Malaysia then give up because the shoes just mocked you for being too big.

Second-Hand Boots from Queen Vic Mart

*Grumble, stupid skinny asian chicks.

On another note, I have not spent more than AUD$10 on clothes the whole time I was here. Quite a success.

3) The cafes, coffees, and cakes

Corky pot

These were not categorized under ‘food’ because they are a different category altogether.

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds, and what looks to be a budding novelist.

Oh I could talk about the coffee for days. Before Melbourne, I didn’t really have a thing for coffee, after Melbourne, I so miss it! Somehow they just do coffee so much better there. It made me want to be a Barista because they just look so cool with their black tees, tattoos and hipster glasses.

Max Brenner's

Max Brenner's

And oh their desserts! Crunchy waffles, fresh cream, strawberries that are oh-so-sweet, sirupy goodness, chocolate treats…
We all died and went to heaven right there.

That Greek Dessert

That Greek Dessert

‘Yum-yum-yum-yum’ in replacement of ‘fun-fun-fun-fun’.

4) The art/architecture

Colonial Building

Gallery Lane

I love the graffiti, the art on the streets, there were so many more like these. When you guys come over to my place I’ll show you the pictures.

Monash webbed structure

This webbed mass was in Monash Uni itself. Great isn’t it-That an institution like Monash could have something so compelling?

Ozimek LA!

… and funny sounding street names make me laugh. Ozimek !

5) The Education

The H Building

The 'H' Building: where our Arts faculty is

Well yes, that’s the whole reason I went to Melbourne in the first place, to experience one of Australia’s biggest exports- Education.

It was really beneficial for me, but a long analysis about this for another day ok?

Reading on the Grass

What I love about Melbourne is that  you can read on the grass.

In the park

lying on the grass in the park

Heck you can even lie on the grass.
It just gives such a total different experience. its relaxed, lazed, and wonderful.

6) The ‘booze’


Pugg Mahone's- Our Regular

Cheap! And Great variety!

Always having promotions for $5 dollar spirits/beers etc.

A particular Ladies Night once gave away $1 champagnes to all ladies, or gents that would dress up as ladies. One dollar champagnes! imagine!

Yes yes Sir Judge-a-lot. Whatever.

A friend told me this once that I have held on to ever since, “When white people ‘cheers’, they look into each other’s eyes. when Asians ‘cheers’, they look at the glass.” Reason being, we want to make sure we don’t spill anything when we clink glasses, and because booze is so cheap in Western countries, they can afford to look anywhere else, slosh and spill and survive no hurts to your pocket.

7) The Plays /Concerts/ Shows

Her Majesty's Theatre

They have so much more cultural events here. Especially in the Summer when the weather’s good. Art shows, food festivals, music festivals etc.

In that sense there are more things to do. Although really, the things to do are “shots ! shots ! shots ! shots shots shots!”

On to watch Mary Poppins

I watched Jon Foreman and gang here. Also Mary Poppins and Dr. Zhivago. I wish I went for more though. How often do you get good plays in KL? Not very often I’m afraid.

8 ) The trains

On the train

On the Train.

Transport system at home is shit, anything else really, would impress me.
Plus all the stories I got from taking public transport, I could write a book.

9) They say their ‘P’s’ and ‘Q’s’

Thank you for being polite, giving way when walking or in traffic, saying please and thank you, and greeting people when they walk into stores!

I don’t care what people say about it being superficial, I’d take this superficiality anyday rather than from people that don’t know their manners.

10) Your friends and family telling you they miss you

On My Wall

On My Wall

… and they keep sending stuff. Thank you for sending stuff! You guys are wonderful! and I love you!

And there you have the list.

Right before I left Melbourne, I wrote a little something about my feelings:

“I’m packing my memories in my luggage today…

Its been five months. All the people I met, the experiences, and all the stories I’m taking home, its a bit overwhelming. I’ve done so much, took too many pictures, and kept a little too many unnecessary things. I’m too much of a sucker for ‘memories’ and sentimental value. Everything is categorized under ‘but it’s my memories!’ Hence the broschure from the parliamentary house of Victoria, torn map of the city centre, the ticket for Eureka Skydeck, metlink tickets, receipts, postcards, letters etc..

People keep on giving me stuff to take home too- Like Hanif’s tabung kitty for my birthday, beanies, electric blankets, scarves etc. but I really can’t anymore because my luggage is really too full. Also I really like some of the other miscellaneous objects that I’ve managed to yoink from the general public in my life. Like Nad’s polka-hearted top.

The war cry for the next few days is ‘STUFF and ROLL”. I’m tearing things down from the wall, and looking at all the things I’ve accumulated thus far. It feels like just months ago, where I landed in this place, exploring the city, and being freshly excited at all the new sights and feels. Just months ago I was worrying about Visas, flight tickets, medical check-ups, and planning course units for this trip, and months later here I am, packing it all away again…”

Though there are things I love about Melbourne, home will always be home. Food, friends and all. 😉

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