Arsenal versus Harimau

Malaysia and arsenalImage credit: link

My sister said, “Actually Wilshere’s quite a big blob isn’t he? Thought he was a small one.” (Said in Mandarin so it was funnier) “People run into him and they fall, not him.”

And that was what watching football live was like. You see so much more than you normally would. There really is nothing quite like it- All the blares of the horn, the bright lights, the excitement in the crowds, the different angles of the game. You feel it in the air too, when fans smile at each other over the mutual understanding of ‘bro-hood’, this is a feeling unmatched.

So four goals, Ramsey, Walcott, Vela and Rosicky; and even at a friendly, Denilson still sucks.

Our Malaysian team really does have some quality there (I mean, it wasn’t totally hopeless). Even though we didn’t score anything, for about five minutes we were actually playing quite like Arsenal- short-quick passes, gaining possession, made some good steals… but just like Arsenal, no finishing.

I also feel like our team, still needs more ‘team’-ing to do. A lot of the times one man would run ahead, but with no support.

We are too hesitant to net the ball- we get it to the other side, and no one shoots, we pass it to the other man too quickly, as if wanting to get rid of the responsibility to shoot-because no one has the confidence to do it himself, and that’s where we falter, and get dispossessed.

Another thing, our Tigers need to give themselves some time when possession is in their hands, just to build their much needed confidence. We are too quick to get it on to the next man that we don’t really think where we’re going with it. In other words: We too gan cheong!

We need more experience, and with playing with each other more as a team. We need to be melded as one entity, and all in all just be. better.

But you do know I’m so proud of Malaysia. Like watching your baby learn how to walk, you’re rooting and cheering them on, willing them to get there.

On another note:

Rajagopal, Wenger, Van Persie and Sagna

Wenger and Rajagopal Look-alike?

Image credit: link

“They all so cute ya?”


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