TeeJowee.wordpress.com is now TeeJowee.com

SHE got me my own domain! I GOT MY OWN DOMAIN!

The biggest of thank you’s, hugs, kisses, sweets and all things good to my bestest and dearest friend in the world- Tan Su Wan!

You see for my birthday this year, Swan had given me one of the most meaningful and creative birthday presents anyone could give me!

I can’t think of anyone that has given anyone their own domain.

I can’t believe it that I now have my own domain! I am now a DOT COM!

Oh my gosh I’m incredibly ecstatic right now! You can tell I’m not really thinking straight! Typing straight . . . . GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now a TEE JOWEE . COM!

ALL CAPS JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of this celebration, I can now legitimately say… stay tuned for more, on Teejowee.com



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