“Comel-nya tangan dia…” said the nurse to the other nurse. They then proceeded to poke me twice, after failing to find my vein the first time. Not to be dramatic, but honestly, the injections were nothing compared to the pains I was having.

Usually, I make it a point NOT to write about the daily happenings of my life in this space because its just mundane and benefits no one, but this time the drama of the week is too good to pass up. Plus people have been really concerned. (joy!)

So I was hospitalized two days ago. The reason for my ailments remains a mystery to the doctors. All I know was I woke up one morning with the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.

The pain was fixed on the left side of my brain. It was so constant and unyielding, that it didn’t even allow for brief reprieves. It felt like I was having a drill bore into my skull, and when I looked in the mirror, my left eye tugged upwards due to all the pressure. The pain also extended to my jaw.

I think, as a reaction to the pain, or as the secondary part of the symptoms, I started vomiting uncontrollably. Any slight movement resulted in me hurling out everything I had that day, which was nothing since it was 8.30 a.m., so it was just fluids that came out.

I called mom, who rushed home concerned. Later in the retelling of story to family and friends, she told them that the reason she was so concerned was that she has never seen me in that state before. I was in tears, and drenched in sweat from the pain, and my lips were pale. Also, in her words, ” My children all very strong wan! Never really hear them complain about pain before. Some more Jowee has always been so healthy, never have any history of sickness. So I thought: this must be something quite serious.”

So she sent me to the hospital. The reasons for this ‘dramatic’ step, was that my headaches had been going on for a good week now, coupled with blurred vision in my right eye. She was afraid it could be something to do with my brain which was a real cause for worry. “Brain worr… how to not worry…”

I had previously been at the doctor’s five days before to have it checked out the first time. The doctor had dismissed any serious injury and just told me to rest.

Well it wasn’t nothing now. The first thing I said to my new doctor this second time around was, “BLUARRGHHH…” to his sink at the side of the room. Poor sink. It shall forever be tainted by me. So they started me on a series of painkillers, and I had to be put on drip because I was losing too much fluid. Then the tests started.

I started with a blood test. Results came back, it was normal, except for an unusually higher percentage of bacteria in my blood. “This…” the doctor said, “Could be one reason causing her condition…”  But he dismissed it because the levels were not high enough to be causing my pain.

Mom was worried it was Meningitis or Salmonella. It was neither, the doctor said.

So we went for an MRI. I wore a snazzy red drape and got to experience what it felt like being Dr. Hannibal Lecter. They locked me in a head cage! Such fun~ (Not fun, WAS still in pain)

The results were clean. They just found I had larger nostrils than usual. Mom said, “Like her father!”. Also, I saw that my brain was NOT perpendicular. My left is larger than my right, which was normal because I was right handed.

I bunked with a sweet, scared old lady with hypertension. She was so scared that she cried while talking on the phone with someone, and I felt so bad for her. She also said that she wanted a room with someone (me!), because she was afraid she would be lonely. She then proceeded to describe me as a “xiao mei mei” to the person on the other line. I wanted to say “Don’t cry aunty…its okay…” But the drapes were drawn between us so there wasn’t much of a chance to talk to her.

I basically slept the whole day, took meds, watched a little T.V. and slept some more.

The next morning I went to an ENT specialist. She stuck this long prong up my nostrils. Then proceeded to diagnose that I had a swollen something-something (I forgot the medical term she used). She explained because my septum (like bridge of the nose) leans slightly towards the left, the swollen something-something had the tendency to hit the nerve which connects to my brain, causing the headaches. ” However the swollen something-something wasn’t swollen enough to touch that nerve…”

Hence, my ailments still remains a mystery. All I knew was that they treated the symptoms and I am well now. And boy was I drugged up good. I was literally in happy-happy la-la land after that.

SO because I’m quite the experience junkie, no experience goes wasted, and I have good stories to tell people now. I haven’t been admitted in a hospital before. Now I have.

And please ‘Don’t sensi…” The reason no one knew I was admitted was because, “Well I was hospitalized!” Tweets are out of the question when real life happens.

Things I learnt during this whole thing:

1. Insurance = finally, actually useful

2. My family loves me.

3. and people love my family.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers, love and concern! I am well now!


You could tell I was so excite to show everyone my brain. Results from the MRI scan: Its a bad picture I know, but both my cameras are on the fritz so this will have to do.

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