All the ‘cant’s’ (Short Update)

Hi all. Sorry I’ve been away for so long.

I miss everyone.

I’ve been stuck-bedridden for a good week now. Its the extension of the hospitalization saga I’m afraid.

I’ve been having bad migraines. But the good news is I’m currently off the painkillers and I’m getting better. Right now, on a scale of one to ten, pain levels are at a current one point five. Not quite gone, but not painful anymore. Although, I still can’t move around much, because when I do the queasiness comes in. I find myself getting so tired throughout the day. So really, all I do is sleep.

So the cure for my illness is, get this: total lifestyle change.

That means I have to be the healthiest person out there.

From now on, I can’t:

image via link

  • have anything containing Tyramine in it.
    Well its quite impossible to cut it out Tyramine completely, but a great lessening of it from my diet is necessary.
  • This means no more: beers, cheeses, coffee, chocolates… basically anything with dairy, or anything aged is bad. All alcohol is bad. No more processed food, no more msg, no more mamaks…
  • No more excessive usage of the laptop (there goes my future career)
  • No more late nights ( times two. there goes my future career)
  • No more washing my hair late at night

No more life guys. No more life. Sorry to all future parties I might attend: I’m going to be a killjoy.

So, since the greatest tool is accountability, I’m posting this list because I want everyone to help me. Each and ANY time you see me reach for the beers (out of habit) or cheese sticks, tell me “NO TEE JOWEE CANNOT!”

Thank you very much.

I hope to write proper posts soon.

Live long and prosper guys. Don’t take your health for granted.


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