What is ‘cool’ ?

Inspired by Frankie

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Everyone wants to be ‘cool’.

Right now, every ‘cool’ person in this sphere would be wrestling with the denial that comes with that statement.

‘Nope, that’s not me’ or ‘I couldn’t care less what people think.” is a normal response, because seeming desperate is ‘uncool’. But let me just say that we all care what people think. What’s different is our caring about what, and about who thinks.

Even your crocheting grandma wants to be cool. But to her ‘cool-ness’ is measured by her perfect crochets and getting the loops and pretty pastels right. (I apologize to any grandma’s I might offend with the stereotype).

I agree with Marieke Hardy in Frankie about how the epitome of cool can be summed up into four words- ‘NOT-giving- a- shit”.

Even if a balding man in his fifties were to walk down the street in fluorescent green short-shorts, a protruding beer belly, red and white suspenders and carried on his day ‘LIKE A BAWSE’, he and his entire ‘Not-giving-a-shit’ aura would be the canvas of cool.

On a similar vein, in the anatomy of ‘Not-Giving-a-shit’, we have the ‘trying too hard’ scenario.

Trying too hard to be cool goes directly against the very tenets of ‘not-giving-a-shit’, making it automatically, very uncool indeed.

Are we then in a never-ending demise? Probably, but not ultimately.

So exactly, what is cool?

It used to be that ‘cool’ was how ‘in tune’ you were to what music was playing on the radio. Then it turned to how much you knew about what wasn’t playing on the radio. Then ever since the ‘hipster’ stereotype became something people stereotyped, even being too non-mainstream is turning uncool.

A friend of mine who thinks being cool is being ‘bad-ass’ and ‘not-caring-about-anything-in-the-world’, tries too hard to be a ‘badass’, which directly comes into conflicts with my versions of cool. Because cool for me, is ‘caring very much about the things that happen in the world’ and being a ‘goodie-goodie’, so I think he is very uncool.

Then there are the neutral ‘cools’. I have friends that think coffee is the coolest invention cum necessity known to man, and would rather it pumping in their veins than blood if they could. I, however am on neutral grounds with coffee, hence I just listen quietly as they rave. I also accept it when they want to drag me along to ‘cool’ coffee places, just because I am at a ‘neutral’.

Hence neutral cools can be accepted, and conflicting cools cannot.

I used to think being complicated was cool, now I think being simple is the coolest thing on earth. Just a few years ago, who would have thought that huge-framed nerdy glasses with plaid was cool?

via The Sartorialist

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Now, It is, and who knows what ‘cool’ will be in a few years time, nay next month, or even tomorrow. Coolness shifts, and let’s face it, we all care what’s ‘cool’.

Balance is key people.


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