This is Canada

Image via Ea

We arrived in Ottawa after thirty hours of travel, tired, dazed, and slightly crazed. We had previously spent our ten hour transit time at London Heathrow Airport playing ‘Where’s Waldo’, except it was ‘Where’s Jowee and Ea’, and eating at this place called ‘EAT.’  I would say Terminal three was graced and made so much better because of us.

Where’s Jowee?:

Image via Ea

After three years of longing, planning, visits to Miss Kevin, and many exchange talks and sessions later, I’m finally here O Canada! The land of maple leaves, maple syrup, ice-hockey and snow.

During our first few steps out of the plane, Ea’s first line was “Hey! Why is it hot?!”

And mine was, “famous last words…”

It was thirty degrees, hardly Canadian you would think. Think Malaysia weather without the air-conditioning and humidity. Iman kept exclaiming “I told you it was hot! It’s summer!”. After that, the following days were met with near perfect thirteen to fifteen degree weather, and us wandering the streets of Ottawa. Our own on Bank, to Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, the mall, the market et cetera.

Canada is such a funny place. Its like they’re stuck in a time capsule in the eighties. The fashion is in the nineties, and the street where I live on feels a bit like a quieter version of downtown Brooklyn, not that I’ve ever been, but imagination told me so.

I was told, the Canadians actually don’t care for sports that much, but what they do care about, was World Issues. Current events is a big thing here. ( This helped reaffirm my choice in going here for my political science major)

Oxymoronic I thought. For a country so big on the news, I wondered why it still felt like I was living in the nineties. The country is progressive in every way, banking systems, political and road systems etc., they just don’t look it at all. The other day I saw a man with a yo-yo walking down the street, it looked so bizarre to me. I wondered if their backward trends was due to seclusion or by choice. Individualism for the win?

Anyway, hence, weird.

Image Via Ea

 This next paragraph begins with a sigh. Despite all the excitements of being in a new country, something’s very wrong with me. I’ve been feeling so unsettled and rattled within myself. At a time where I’m supposed to be living a high, all I’ve been wanting to do is hide at the corner of the room. I’m surprised at my melancholy. This was a dream fulfilled, but all I want to do right now is be at home with my family.

I miss my family, I long for a mamak session, and I want to be in my own room.

I’m giving it a few more days, perhaps its another bout of hormonal imbalance.


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