A level up in life.

via Tania Rahman

I know a friend that didn’t want a career. She had just graduated from a world-renowned institution, very well educated and well-versed in the world of literature and good books. I always imagined that she would be one of those people that would go on to write novels of romanticism from an eccentric’s point of view, to develop a successful career and be, for a lack of a better word, ‘whoever she wants to be’.

But the thing is, being ‘whoever you want to be’, often is whoever people think you should want to be, like- careers. What if what we really wanted other things? To be a mother? A father? To live by the sea and be a fisherman or work at an unglamorous NGO, and spend our days manning a fruit-stall?

Why have we let our careers dictate who we are, and limit how we live our lives. For example, if we were in business, we must be the status-quo, average, and not very interesting. If we were in the sciences or IT we must be shy and awkward, if we were in journalism we must be bitchy, brave and pushy. I’ve met people in business that do some of the most interesting, creative DJ-ing work, science students that are charismatic and in the fore-fronts, and journalists that are laid-back and quiet.

There are people that work at one thing, and live for another. They balance both so well, and they are happy. As my friend shows on the issue of her life, she really had no such dreams of a career for herself. She didn’t want to climb the ladder and be in the rat-race. She was going to do some teaching she said, maybe a series of odd jobs, some free-lance writing perhaps, all for the purpose of funding what she really wants to do in life- to travel the world.

I was inspired really. Living in an atmosphere where everyone around me is thinking about Business models, success schemes, glories of being known and the money they will make, it suddenly made me think of my own life, and how maybe, just maybe “Hey!”, I could not have a career, and I would be alright with that too.

People spend much of their years earning a living, without really living, and I don’t want that kind of life. Not that I don’t still want to fulfill the dreams of a production company and many other things, but the difference from three years ago when I crafted these dreams, was that I realized these things aren’t that important anymore, and I can’t let it be. The glory of successes, of ‘changing the world’, or at least the world’s version of it was all I would think about. My dreams used to be everything, now they’re part of things.

I realized that even if I were a dog-sitter, I can change the world, and that to me was success. Because really, the world is the people around you. I don’t have to be world-renown set on a star-lit backdrop to do that. My life is filled with beautiful people, people in need, people hungry for things more than food can give, and I can do something about it. So I will.



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