Since the Blackberry…

The things I can’t live without. I let out a pathetic cry every time Rogers chooses to screw with me. (Rogers is my internet service provider, not a handsome boy. Or else that sentence would be pretty different) SO I find myself braving the negatives and piling up the fluffy coat just to head to my favourite coffeehouse with free wifi.

I sit amidst ye olde milk cartons, as part of a whimsical decor moment, made of steel and rust, and reminisce of the day without technology. I did so much more living and going out back then and shudder in disgust at what I’ve let myself become. Whether you think we’re better off now rather than before or not, we can’t help but wonder where all this is going.

The “Experts” always have a lot to say about this, but the results are always inconclusive, and “up for you to decide”, as mine will be. All I’ve come to know is I thrive and live behind my laptop. My work is on there, my friends are there, and my entertainment is on there. After every long day, I just want to cozy up behind my screen and watch back to back episodes of House, or spend my day searching through Tumblr and the dreaded Soul sucker that is Facebook. I fear for the life of our future generations. We can’t let what was supposed to be a tool become our arm. Some would argue its more akin to a ‘heart’, pumping lifeblood to all our central systems.

After a few minutes of gathering sweat in my palms,  I realize I’ve been clutching my phone in the same position for far too long. This is going to turn out into such an (unintentional) advert, but Whatsapp has become something slightly more than a routine, and slightly less than an addiction for me. Its the first application that I click on when I wake up, and the last thing I’m holding onto as I go to sleep at night. Its the time difference, that every time I open my eyes I ask how my mama’s day has been at the kindergarten? and she asks what I’m going to do that day. Its easier talking to my girls cause they’re up at all hours. We spend the day updating each other just how I like it. Even if its something simple like “I’m heading to the gym” or “I just got back”, its one of my only constant lifelines to my girls and gang of boys- and I grasp at whatever sense of closeness I can get. That’s what further education does to lives I suppose, we’re so polarized in distance now.

Staring at the 420X320 display screen, I realized that this, is what most of my friendships are like. We spend more time communicating through some device or another. None of us are ever in the same place at any one time anymore. Save for the six month intervals of holidays and semester breaks, I can’t help feeling a surreal sense of loss. Its not really that dramatic of a loss, but something is gone in our friendships. When was the last time you went out with your friends? A week ago? Just yesterday? How often do you guys hang?

Actually being able to be, feel, breathe, touch and to live around these people you know is the way we were supposed to live. SO this lack of it, is it the result of us growing up? Working and getting busy? Or is it just the fact that its a different generation?

The world though supposedly much smaller, still remains so distant. I don’t know. I don’t pretend to know the answers, but I do know that we were built for community. I wonder, what will we become just a few years from now?

Here’s a picture of me that I like, looking like a druggie boss:

via Iman Azman via Iman Azman

When you’re feeling sentimental, soldier on.

Sorry, incapable of deeper thought.


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