TGIF (You thought Friday’s were good? buddy….think again)

So I had quite a day today. For some reason I managed to have four hours of sleep last night. Most people our age functions on two or little to no sleep, but for me, I barely function right on eight.  Give me four and I’m basically setting myself up for disaster. And that was the one word that characterized today. Utter disaster.

It basically started from the beginning. I hit snooze multiple times, until I only had a half hour left to catch the bus for my eight thirty with Politics of Human Rights. Rushed through my entire morning regime till it came to the part where it was time to check if my bus pass was there; And guess what, I could not find it. I searched through all my bags- the bag I used yesterday, the one few days before, all my pockets. I checked my desk filled with books, notes, receipts, tissue paper, and NOTHING. The floor, under the bed, under all the clothes on the floor. Shiz. Fudge muffins.

I couldn’t spend any more time searching so I had to creep my way to Iman’s room to her coin pouch where she keeps loonies and toonies (one dollar coins and two dollar coins. Yeah leave it to Canadians to make cartoons out of money). She was still asleep, so I ‘I.O.U-ed’ an exact 3.25 dollar change for the bus because buses don’t accept anything else. I was already late for class. I still had not finish my assignment due that day.

I spent the day learning about torture and the fascinating Milgram’s Experiment. Go google that. During the five minute break, I called the Chapel Street Lost and Found (where I had previously found my lost journal, yes I lose things a lot), but it wasn’t there. I called OC Transpo lost and found, but they said to call back later. I rushed back to the bus loop after class, got on the bus and more fudge muffins, the driver caught my receipt and told me my receipt expired. I didn’t realize my 3.25 only lasts an hour! I thought it was a day pass. Okay, so I didn’t have any more money, no exact change for the driver, so I told him that. Then he gave me a look that made me want to cower and die. What followed next was a sort of dismissive nonchalant shrug and mumble. Oh boy I had to get the bus driver with the worst mood. At the next stop, I asked him “Does this mean I have to get off?” I must’ve looked really pathetic, because the next thing he said was, “Or… you could take a seat…”

I didn’t hesitate to give out a loud “THANK YOU!” in relief and head to my seat. I don’t know why I was so overwhelmed today. On normal days this wouldn’t have fazed me, but I was increasingly anxious. I closed my eyes and told God about it, everything, how I felt, asked Him “How?!”, and He really comforted me. I felt much better, God has a way of doing that always. So remember that He’s there just waiting for you to realize this and say something, whether in mishap, misfortune, or if you’re just plain missing Him in your life.

I reached home, and the first thing I did was look under my table. I tell you, God has the best sense of humor, the bus pass was right there. Sitting pretty on top of my beg plastik, together with my campus card, and two other non-important cards. Yes, why do I keep all my important cards in one place? Well, because I was born all flight and fancy, fruity tooty, and with a need for some pulling back down to earth. I figured it slid from the gap of my table to the floor, and I don’t know why I didn’t see it this morning when I looked under the table. God… you funny la k? You funny… (but THANK YOU!)

On further, “DON’T LOSE YOUR THINGS” lessons, I tend to use important things as bookmarks. Bus passes, important receipts, pieces of documents, keys all in between my books. Jowee they are not bookmarks! Once (actually every time) I was reading a book and got distracted, so I wedged my phone in between the pages and forgot all about it. I spent the day looking for it until one of the girls got home and I could use their phone to call mine.

Let this be a lesson, if ever I lose anything, most likely its between a book.

Even if I lose my mind, most likely its found between a book.

Next method of business, finishing my paper and printing it. With the three hours I had, I finished proof-reading, citing and all the usuals, then spent ten more minutes searching for printing paper. Fudge muffins. We ran out. Had to walk/run two or three blocks to Staples, paid $7.15 for recycled printing paper, because it was the cheapest. Went back, and printed my shizzes.

I was late for my next class, AGAIN! with all that wasted time. So rushed to the bus stop, THIS TIME with bus pass in hand. I was holding too many things, laptop, notebook stuffed with too many papers, and a handbag that wouldn’t zip shut because I had the most Asian of bottles poking through the gap. Found a seat next to a cute guy.

I strategically placed myself next to him (there were four other empty seats). Had an awkward situation where I made eye contact with one other guy on the bus that was a guy that asked for my number once but I never replied him after a few texts, one because I wasn’t that interested, and two because I changed my number shortly after that because I got a new phone that required a new number. Anyway, he didn’t acknowledge that he knew me, and I pretended that I didn’t. Hence, a little awkward.

Anyway, halfway through the bus ride, all my stuff that was resting on my lap decided to slide to the floor, and because I was holding my phone in one hand, I couldn’t catch it in time. It fell with an ugly splat. I was embarrassed really, but here’s what made my day today. Because I was sitting at the back of the bus, it meant I was on the upper deck. Boy number one had to make an extra effort to pick up my stuff when he was on the lower deck and a seat away, more out of the way than usual. I was already a little touched and I thanked him with great heart, not so much because of the action of picking something up, I mean anyone can pick something up, but more because of how he didn’t hesitate, and it was so sincere. Then when I struggled to get back to my seat (my laptop was still on my seat) boy number two helped shift my laptop up for me to sit down, like a gesture any of my best friends would do.

Sigh I tell you. Canadian boys. Gentlemen. Gentlemen all of you! Iman said it was probably cause I was a cute Asian girl. I considered this awhile, I was quite cute today. I had a fancy braid, and my face was quite “on” la. Then figured it was best if I didn’t think I was cute.

It would have been a real crap day if not for Canadian boys. Well, Canadians and their niceties in general. But since both were boys today, I use “boys”.

Then in the dark, on the bus ride home after this never-ending day. It suddenly hit me, I’m not ready to go home yet.

Great, only forty four more days and its only NOW it hits me.


P.S. an exhausted. Going to crash now.


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