From the Sky, Checking in from B.C.

I’m eating buttery biscuits at 37481 feet above sea level, watching a body of water freeze over. Its one of the most fantastic sights to behold. I’ve never seen such a big dark blue mass of water partially frozen before. It has wisps of white cracking over its surface, while the giant mass of ice is being encircled by the not- ready-yet water.

From up here, the crevices and cracks in the earth shine almost golden in the sun, like a tint of metal, stained with rust, but white and cream and gold. Over the clouds everything looks so much more magical. Every time I fly I think, if only everyone could see the world this way, then maybe there’d be less pollution, more efforts to keep our environment as it should be- beautiful. Why do we settle for so much less? Everything is about development, and greed, and big buildings and money, but what was intended of our living was like it is, viewed from the skies. Everything is peaceful up here, the earth beneath in shades of evergreen, browns, mix with the yellows of autumn in some parts. They’re in patches of squares, rectangles, the occasional circle and breaks in the cracks of rivers and streams.

I like looking out the windows in planes, somehow flying over everything, keeps me grounded. I would always pick the window seats, if I didn’t have to pee all the time.

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