New Year’s Resolutions

This New Year, the theme is going to be just one main thing =  BE CONSISTENT.

I take resolutions pretty seriously (like for the first two weeks), because self-improvement is important (until someone pisses you off and you forget to not snip his/her metaphorical brake wires). We need a certain leveling up at each point in life don’t we? So if I took my resolutions last year (link), and added in the extra goal of consistency, I think I’m pretty much set.

Also, I’ve added in a new motto for the year “ BE THIN 2012”. Yeah I know, how different is it from last year right? No, the difference is, its a motto, as in, you can do it Otto!

So my friend Joshua Loo keeps on reminding me about this motto. As we’re climbing up the hill, he whispers, “Be Thin”, as I’m setting down to watch a movie, he mumbles “be thin”. Thanks Loo, thanks. It actually helps. My goal this year is losing 8 kilos. We’ll see how it goes. I set the bar high, so that even if I fail, I’d have gotten somewhere more than if I had set it low. Yeah I’ve wanted to lose weight since I was sixteen, and I must say, losing weight is the only “girl” stereotype I allow myself to have- all others are accidental.

I also mentioned half-jokingly that my resolutions this year was- a boyfriend, Loo said “What?! You can’t make that a goal. If it happens it happens.” Again, Loo has turned into quite the ‘wise one’. Quite honestly, I only mentioned the boyfriend bit this year because I say that every year, its tradition! But this year, I don’t think I want one anymore. Something about wanting the real thing yaddiyaddayadda, and I’m just gonna chill till he comes along or becomes soulmate primero uno. For now, I just want a good snog-fest.

Here’s the list for 2012:

–       Intern. Either at Mindshare, McCain Erickson or Al Jazeera.

–       Graduate. Well that’s a given, if I didn’t that’ll be the saddest.

–       Work. While studying, or whatever I can get (I have not decided on this one, might forego it)

–       Stop being a 78% student. 2 more percents! 2 more percents!

–       Be able to play 20 good songs on the guitar. Full songs, not the half- and- half thing I always do.

–       Be able to play 20 songs on the piano. The impressive, party trick songs so that when aunty and uncles come forcing me to play at dinner parties, I don’t freeze up.

–       Travel to France. And wear underpants.

–       Make 5 new, good friends. Solid ones, not hi-bye frou-frou ones.

–       Expand vocabulary by 20%.  e.g., not using things like frou-frou.

–       Increase savings by 20%

–       Read 30 great books.  Contrary to popular belief, I don’t read that much, or read as much as I should.

–       Wear contact lenses for lesser hours. The rate at which my eyesight is going scares me to no end.

–       Increase Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese language skills. And to a lesser degree French and Hokkien. The goal is recognizing atleast 80% of mandarin words in the newspaper, and not my current state of 50%. The goal for Melayu is to be able to cakap dengan lebih fasih, dan memperkenalkan (probably wrong usage, I don’t know) pasar, bukan baku. Ashraf, Imang, Ea, Carmen ah! Tolong ya?

–       Be a better friend. I can’t tell you the specifics for this one, secret a bit.

–       Start treating guys a bit more like how I treat my girls. Must give them more love and less distance. I don’t know, I’ve always treated guys with more distance for fears that unwanted feelings would develop, but hey, I’m not that alluring, neither are they, So I think its pretty safe now.

–       Having a solid, specific style. Like Mel (Lee), who with one look, you know what her style is all about. I want something like that. This year, I’m not allowing anymore sloppy days, cause you don’t know how many times I’ve taken a look in the mirror and went “meh…*shrugs”, then went out and met a hottie and went “oh fudge… I wish I put on my eyeliner today.” You never know when you’re going to meet a hottie, and cause we’re not getting any younger, I should wear all I can wear now before it becomes gaudy and crazy.

So, Happy New Year everyone! Raises glass*. May the coming year bring us great snogging, thrilling adventures, more goals achieved, more life lived, and may we find some great interesting people. Let’s also do some falling in love- either with people, or things to do, or new books or bands… May we find some great discoveries… and may we take honesty as our partner, love a little larger, and be better people.

So much to do, and we only have 365 days to do it.



  1. Your resolutions are always so very you – quirky, full of interestingly worded yet relevant goals and yet… well, they say a lot about you. c: All the best, and may you fulfill them this year, Jowee.

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