Project 365: Conversation #1

Inspired by

“Fairytale lullaby”

By Bombay Bicycle Club

Originally by John Martyn

Boy sits beside a lake and dips his toe into the waters.

“ I wonder if we would find a Sugarfish today…”

A dragonfly took a tail-dive over the water’s surface, buzzing overhead with an inseparable gradient of colors.

“What’s a Sugarfish?” Girl asks.

Boy stayed silent for awhile.

“If we ever find a thousand Sugarfish, it will grant your every wish.” He repeated in a chant.

“How will they grant our wish? Do they have wands?”


“Well, do they have some sort of fairy dust?”


“Then, how?”

“We have to eat them…”

“A thousand of them?!”

“Maybe…Maybe not … I don’t know actually. All I knew it was something my father said once. ”

Boy looked out over the waters edge and squinted his eyes at the golden skies behind a setting sun.

“Well, if its something he said, it must be true.”

The trees rustled from the depths of the nearby glade, and caught on to the Oak they were under. Girl talked about how the wind catches branches to make a sound, while Boy remarked how a faint glimpse of a rainbow was showing over in the distance.

“I try to remember it from time to time.” Boy said.

“Remember what?”

“My father…”

Years from now, boy and girl would remember this moment as having some sort of stringed instrument playing in the background. Like a bard from the Middle- ages, taming dragons and rescuing princesses from high towers. How they came to agree on this story was more of a mystery than the actual memory itself. Though it was most likely through the thought of Don Quixote, mixed in with a fairytale of mayhem and mystery.

Suddenly, girl broke the silence.

“Some days I think I remember things. Then they’re gone. Poof. Just like that. And I don’t think it was ever something I actually remembered anymore.”

“Then what was it?”

“A dream I think…”

“Dreams are nice…”

“Not the bad ones though…”

“No not the bad ones… the good ones…. Like finding a treasure trove, buried in a cove…”

“And marigold and cinnamon sticks…with a nearby candle wick!”

The rhymes went on for awhile. Till they both agreed cinnamon sticks were the best invention man could come up with.

“Sugar dusted?”

“Sugar dusted.” Girl reaffirmed of the cinnamon stick conversation.

“Well maybe we don’t have to eat the Sugarfish then.” Boy said. “I mean we have all the sugary treats we need, plus they must not like being eaten very much.”

“What about your thousand wishes then?”

“It’s a thousand fishes, not a thousand wishes!”

“Okay, what of it then?”

“I don’t think I need wishes. I have everything I need.”

The still surface broke at each movement of the wind, bringing about soft licks to the shoreline. Their shadows stretched and grew longer as they chatted and lay on the earth.

“I brought my friends along once to look at rainbows.”


“I wished it lasted longer though.”

“What… rainbows?”

“ No friends… and Rainbows… and actually maybe just the day. If a day lasted a hundred years… then I think, I should like this one very much.”

There was more of that silence and a sliver of a rustling sound.

“But if it were a bad day… then you would hate it very much.”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“But my days are never that bad, because no matter how rough it gets, I know I’ll always end my days here. And I’ll always meet you here.”

“I’m glad you’re here…”

“Me too…”

“I’m glad we’re best friends.”

“Me too.”

“Here, close your eyes.”

The boy closed them.

The girl plucked a nearby dandelion and made its seeds fly like a million helicopter blades. The boy, feeling her breath, opened his eyes and saw a million wings settling, some soaring, some disappearing.

“You make the most beautiful things with your breath.”

Girl smiled.



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