In Conversation: Around the Dinner Table- A Shark’s Tale (#2)

It was dinnertime, and there was shark’s fin soup.

There we were at a moral dilemma.

They ladled on the soup, piping hot into bowls and passed them around as swiftly as they were taught. I quickly declined their insistent, almost unquestioning serves. Sister and brother-in-law caught my eye, so did dad. They attempted to console me, while I stared at the soup.

Brother-in-law said, “Nevermind la… one year once.”

Sister said, “already cook lor…” with kind, saddened eyes.

Dad said, “Nevermind… its not real wan… its gelatine…”

I laughed and warmed at their sensitivity towards me, but yet I remember so many dinner’s past where conversations weren’t quite as supportive.

People often question the arguments made against its consumption, saying, very well that, meat is meat, and in the end we all die anyway. Why is there a difference? We can very well support the fight against eating shark’s fin, yet other meats like poultry or beef is okay? You eco-tree-huggers, just want to make unnecessary noise.

Well, there is a difference, and it isn’t “all the same”. If given a choice between death by severed limbs, and a quick shot to the head, most of us, would choose the quicker death, the more “humane” option. Our actions matter. Its not just about eating or not eating meats, the question was about our morality. It was about the environment and balancing the eco-system- the overfishing, the damage being done to our oceans, toppling its marine-life, it will come back to us because saving the earth and all that mumbo-jumbo picketing and chanting, is really saving ourselves. We live on earth don’t we?

Sister said, ” Imagine… one dish, one shark.”

” Three tables… three sharks…” I said looking around.

” tsss….” sister did a pained expression and winced with furrowed brows.


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