Conversation # 10: Conversations With God

God was dealing with me something great today.
Not great as in something I did great, or something He did great (though He is certainly capable), but something great in my life that needed to be dealt with.

He was humbling me, and dealing with my weaknesses in a way that I’m glad it is by myself, in my solitude with Him, because if it were in a public space, I would be duly humiliated. So I am grateful, I am grateful for a loving Father who speaks to me in the way I know how to receive it, and who never deals with me more than I can handle.

If there was any doubt that I served a God that was less than extraordinary, those doubts were quelled today.
Every day is spent with me walking in His favor, never by anything I deserved or anything I have done, but because He is grace, and He is mercy.

He is beautiful.

I think I finally understand. Finally understand what it means to be “perfected” in love. This time today, I have a choice. I could’ve been following a course of humanness, and it wouldn’t have been any more wrong, but because of who He is how he brought me to my knees, I was “perfected”.

I think the other thing that comes with growing up is discovering how your life changes. Its discovering your parents are human, and that you still love them in their humanness. Though we may be better, stronger, wiser, there are things that I hope for humanity, and for myself that we wouldn’t stop changing.

Sometimes, we just need a little reminder like today.


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