Jo’s Face

Hello world.

I’d like to introduce to you today, my friend Joseph.

That’s him.

When I asked him that day what I should blog about next, he said “Your face.”
So I replied saying, “what about YOUR face!”
He said, “Okay…”

I’m taking it as full permission.

Jo’s face is like the sunshine. It makes plants grow.

It is bright, it is warm, and try as you might to look at it, you can’t stare at it for too long. Blinds your eyes.


Jo’s face never fails to put a smile on my own.
Not because his face is laughable.
Not because his face is funny.

(This, I later found out, is not a picture of Joseph (awkward), but its of his friend- Bryan. I
m sorry Bryan, don't get mad if I use this picture okay? Does this not look like Jo or what?!)

But more because his face reminds me of beers, football matches, chips, and the guys being weird. Being themselves. Having unprecedented charm mixed with belly-aching laughter by something Maka said. Some sarcastic retort from any one of us in return. A jab. A banter. A back-and-forth of wit, and another throw-in of some comment about Battlefield or an RPG or a FPS game …

Jo’s face, is more than a singular face.

It is the face that speaks of familiarity, a face that wherever I am, or wherever he is, reminds me of home. Its the face I associate with late night mamak sessions and a child-like spirit- something that I want to keep till i’m 82 and wheel-chair bound.

Jo also keeps his face well. He goes for manly maintenance sessions. He goes with his mother, and do not laugh because I think it is wonderful that he does. All men need to go for face-maintenance.

So you see, its true, that Jo’s face is more than a face.

It is a brand.

A brand of joy, friendship, brotherhood, and good times.

Good times.

Missing you guys.


p.s. Ladies if you’re interested, Joseph also writes HERE. Drop him a comment and tell him how handsome he is.


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