Minute by Minute log: QPR Vs Arsenal

From 9gag this week

10 minutes till kick-off

Walked around my room. Television quietly buzzing outside. My predictions 0-2, experts’ predictions 1-3. Told Daryl my predictions, he said he’s predicting the same.

Looks like QPR’s playing 4-4-2 and Arsenal’s doing their usual 4-2-3-1 formation.

Pre-match footage, everyone’s doing their warm-ups. Gervinho’s headband still too tight. If he took it off there would be a deep line in his forehead. His very big forehead.

Game’s almost starting

-Yes! Mike Dean’s refereeing. I like Mike Dean.

-Will it be their 8th consecutive win? 8 very good number leh. Huat.

-Whistle blows. RVP kicks.

-Huah very fast. Everyone’s zippy on both sides.

-Gan cheong.

-Gibbs pushed that guy.

-Walcott did a kissy face after clearing a ball.

-RVP to corner.

-Song let the ball go!

-Song gets it back

-Oops. RVP fall down. His thighs pink.

-Arsenal free kick. Hill made a silly foul. Arsenal kicks. Ball went underneath the wall. Goalkeeper caught it.

Rubbed my belly. SAW MALAYSIA AIRLINES ON QPR’S JERSEY- A mixture of pride and shame and judgement. Rubbed my belly cause it is going to explode. Mr. Fernandes you so much money.

-QPR corner. Four men struggle-struggle for the ball. Camera went to Ramsey, Camera went to Arteta. Corner again. Taking a liking for Onuaha, he’s doing a throw-in.

-Hill and Song. Hillsong. hahaha!

-Hill with a header. Offside anyway.

-Counting the lines in Arsene Wenger’s forehead.

19:57 Minutes

-QPR stole the ball back. Made a run. Long pass. Shoots. Szczesny catches ball. (Did not spell Szczesny right the first time. Might also not be right the second.)

-Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Taarabt scored!


-changing my predictions to 1-2.

-More playing. More passes. Joey Barton did a pinchey-finger sign saying: “so close”.

Dad sits down.

“What game is this?”

“QPR versus Arsenal”

” Haah? What game is this?”

“Neh the usual.. Premier League? The every week wan…”

-QPR GAN CHEONG! MACKIE GOING TO SCORE! OH NOooooo….. luckily didn’t score. Heart almost died.

” This one own by Berjaya ah? ”

” Berjaya?”

“Neh the…Vincent Tan?”

“Who is Vincent Tan?”

“Neh the CEO la.”

“No its owned by Air Asia… Tony Fernandes…”

“Air Asia ah? Then why got MAS…”

” Air Asia and MAS become one d no?”

Dad went into zen mode.

To be certain, dad knows business and politics well. Just a sudden off-moment because its a Saturday.

-Lost interest in writing a detailed log since the first QPR goal. Arsenal yet to make any decisive moves since RVP’s free kick. Come on Gooners. Play offense!

WALCOTT GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Good boy.

-Replay shows ball bounces off the post back into Walcott’s feet; and that’s how the goal happened.



-Ramsey shoots. Does not score.

-Why did Mackie kick the ball there? Ball in Walcott’s feet. Arsenal doing that quick pass thing again- the lovely, lovely style I love so much.

Dad doing Tai Chi. Breathing heavily.

-Alex Song did some goodness with Rosicky. Thinking about Rosicky’s name. It is spelt Ro-Sick-key. But pronounced- Ro-Zick-skee.

-Mackie fall down. Free kick for QPR. Ramsey’s fault. QPR wasted their free kick. Ball back to Song. Pass. Pass. Pass.

-Song passes to RVP, but RVP clearly offside.

-Rob Hawthorne (I think it was him) says “You gotta be patient (with Arsenal)”. You got that right bro.

Whistle blows.

Half Time.

2nd Half. Game starts again

I only started paying attention again at 52:17, Arsenal free kick.

They’re all wearing the new fluorescent pink Adidas boots.


-Rosicky wide to Walcott.

– RVP almost scored. Goalie denied the dutchman. Another corner.

-Moroccan flag hanging for Taarabt.

-Vermaeleen and Mackie angry with each other. Head-to-head. KISS! KISS! KISS!


Back to game.

-Vermaeleen nicked the ball away from Taarabt perfectly.

-Song foul.


-Diakite scores. Vermaeleen I’M GONNA KILL YOU!

-Yes leaky defense again.


Okay all our predictions are dying.

-Rosicky goes for goal. no goal.

Suddenly realized dad went missing.

-Starting to get very sad up in here. QPR gaining possession, making great plays. COME ON GOONERS! KICK IT TO THE GUY! (All Mark Hoppus up in here)

-Arteta subbed for Chamberlain. Chamberlain’s my new favourite by the way.

-Chamakh came in too.


Dad came back to pick up the book he left on the couch.

-OH MY GOODNESS JOEY BARTON ALMOST MADE MY HEART STOP (in the bad way. He had a near goal)

-Ooh! Joey Barton landed on his shoulder. You okay bro?

-He’s okay.

-Yellow card for Ferdinand. He so angry. He kick Chamakh. He still angry.









-Four minutes stoppage time.

-Another free kick to Arsenal.

-Final one.

– Tak jadi.

Whistle blows.

-My heart ache again.

But my favourite part’s happening-  Hot men taking off their shirt.

– Taarabt wears RVP’s. VERY Heart-warming. Love this tradition.

Final score QPR 2, Arsenal 1. Well it is a 2-1, just, switched around.

AND it could be worse… like Man City and Sunderland…

AND That’s another week at the Barclay’s Premier League.

A still gunning for The Gunners.


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