So you would remember

Just a few thoughts I thought was worth jotting down today:

  • I thought it funny that day in class when Andrew was lamenting at how devastating our essays were. He said many didn’t even spell the poets’ names properly. One person referenced William Blake as James Blake. I chuckled deep inside. Hello indie people mistakes.
  • I had told her I thought I was terrible. After a long silence in the car, she finally said, ” People really aren’t meant to be alone…” and it was the first time I believed it. It scared me. My belief scared me. I was devastated. I had long thought I was invincible and impervious to the want of love. Today marks something. If I only knew what that was.
  • I had started the day so deeply impression-ed to be a fifties housewife. So I went about gathering ingredients for a Red Velvet cake to bring back to my suburban neighborhood for a pow-wow (I’m not exactly sure what pow-wow is, I just thought i’d use it cause it sounds so wonderfully old-fashioned). Went home and baked said cake. Realized terribly, that I would never be a fifties housewife and I’m so glad for it.

This is so you would remember me.

p.s. Sorry for being cryptic.

p.p.s No actually, I’m not sorry.



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