Hello Jowee’s brain, it’s time for you to work

I have this perennially opened Word Document on my desktop with eight different headings that are underlined. These are eight separate “articles”, in which some of them consist of mere jottings, sometimes a sentence or two, and some a few paragraphs long of distinct, and separate trains of thought, and this Word document is titled “To Be Developed”.

Yes. It’s like a writer’s block but not writer’s block at the same time. I have the ideas and the thoughts, but I am just so impatient. I wish there were a machine connected to my brain that would just translate my thoughts into words automatically. Not like the Stephen Hawking type, just something newer please, that would be nice.

I used to think this machine was called my fingers, but no, they do not obey my brain. Or fine, if you were being pedantic, the different parts of my brain needs to start being team players and come together to produce something!



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