The most useless piece of advice in the world… and other thoughts

The most useless piece of advice anyone could give anyone is to “Be Yourself”.

What does that even mean?

Its as if for that brief moment between a person telling you to “be yourself” and your being, the implication was that you had not “been yourself” enough. Not only is this easily insulting, it is also highly impossible. Because irregardless of what you do, you will always be yourself, for the mere, simple reason that it is impossible to be any other person than that self. If I am kind for that day, I am being myself. I am being the part of myself that dispels kindness. If I am being boring, I am being myself. because I am being the self that is uninterested and disengaged, therefore uninteresting.

The only real difference here is choice. Whether or not it means being the self that chooses to take up courage, or the self that will disregard all other notions and opinions of others, and go along to do what you think is right (or right for yourself anyway), or whether or not its being the self that chooses to love, or give, or anything that your personage is finding it hard to do in the first place.

People, when faced with a new difficulty and challenge, forget that we are all capable of the things set in our paths, the only difference is choosing to do what we must, and not  to give in to self-pity or the thoughts that say we can’t or its too hard.

I realize that this too, is futile advice. In fact all “advice” are pretty much rendered useless anyway unless a person chooses to listen to it. I’ve given this advice before, and people have given me this, and I understand that everyone had meant well in the giving, because the flip side is that “being yourself” meant you were doing it fine all along, and “being yourself” is enough to solve and absolve difficult situations.

Which brings me to my next thought.

There’s nothing wrong with being a hipster. There is also nothing wrong with being “normal” and a “girl-next-door”. The only real thing that is truly wrong with any of this is when one is being judgmental and hypocritical.

These are the only real critiques on the hipster syndrome. These are the only real critiques on any groups of people we don’t like. We hate Christians because they are judgmental and hypocritical. we hate the atheists because they are judgmental and hypocritical. Hipster bashing is about bashing judgmental people and hypocrites.

So here’s the thing, we all want to be non-conformists, unique, and original, but nothing in the world can ever be this way. No matter how straight-edge you are, how underground, and how unconventional, there will be someone on earth that will come up with the same difference or be the same way, and that is the beauty and demise of the human race. That we’re never completely alone for one, and that we’re never completely unique… and that’s all completely okay.

Centuries of the greatest artwork, thoughts, philosophies and medical discoveries have all been ideas that were borrowed, pulled from sources, gathered, mixed into something completely new and different, yet with the same sameness and comforting familiarity.


The irony in it all, was that “indie” was meant to be the label for the unconventional social outcasts, and nerds. Yet this inclusiveness had turned into hyper-exclusivity, like most clubs become.

Its just not cool when one becomes the police of “style” and “taste”, or to choose to accept someone based on whether or not they have graduated into the high ranks of elitist books, or movies, or “you-probably-haven’t-heard-of-them” bands. Its like being a “Creative” suddenly meant having to be a writer, photographer, left-wing, libertarians, where membership becomes the similarity between what one thinks, eats, watches or listens to…

For one, this becomes incredibly boring, which defeats the purpose of being “unique” in the first place. Two, this just becomes like any other group of people in the world where acceptance is based on similarity. And I’m going to stress again, that there’s nothing wrong with not being “unique”.

There’s nothing more that we can do or say, or be that would make us more or less “ourselves” than we already were. By the mere fact that we are born, breathing, and being, we are already an “individual”, any effort to be anything else should be based solely on our pursuits of happiness, or just because we enjoy pursuing these “things”.

You want to be truly indie?

Well, these days, the true “indie” person will not be the person in the thick framed glasses, and 100% Organic Star Wars shirts. I’m waiting for the day where someone truly unconventional shows up. Someone that displays a quality like “acceptance” even when they are faced with judging, un-accepting people, that will be truly unique. Not only will that be unique, that will be strength personified.






  1. i always liked the way u solidify or define all these sorta thoughts…

    the post, especially the last paragraph…is really something

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