You know you’re getting older when …

1) Your parents are starting to get really funny

Like the other day when I caught my mother speaking to the laundry, ” Oh you smell so good.” (takes it deep sniffs) ” Oh yes you do… smell so good… ” (sniffs more)

2) The driver around the house is no longer your dad, but you 

3) You start speaking to your parents like they’re the kids now 

” Why you buy that?”

“How much was that?”

” So expensive!”

” But you also have something like that before!”

“What time you coming back?! Don’t come back so late ah!”

– all things we, the kids, have said to them.

4) You find the 13-18 year olds really annoying

Time for you to grow up and stop being so self-centered kids, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

5) You start taking things like safety, security and health really seriously

Gone are the beliefs of invincibility, you’re old enough to know that you can get hurt, and that you can’t take these things for granted.

6) You find yourself having less and less money, despite now, earning your own money

That’s because you start paying for more things

7) You start calling the thirty somethings … forty somethings … fifty somethings …”friends”,  

and it’s slightly weird, but that’s okay.

8) You’ve become really boring, and you’re completely fine with that. 

” What did you do today?”

“Nothing lor, work… come home … eat … sleep, you leh?”

” Same…”

and the most interesting thing that’s happened to you today was, ” You know the squirrel stole our Chiku?”  and you catch yourself saying things like, ” It’s okay lah, they need to eat also.”

Note: I am aware that something like this was posted on Thought Catalogue, and there may be similarities.

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