“I love Ann” – Mitt Romney

I love this picture. I don’t have too many insightful or opinionated things to say about it. I’m not American. I don’t have a chance to pick sides, Democrat or Republican, but I do like Obama, and I don’t know Romney well enough to like him, I just know him well enough to dislike him. The state of US politics now strikes me as quite straightforward. I’ve been following the debates, by habit more than interest, but it had been a little disappointing.

I think because my being more “Malaysian” now, gave me a disconnect from everything American, Western or imperialist, their problems seem so … first world. Everything they have is in excess, and despite having all these opportunities, the larger population still complains about some very trivial things, and America is really annoying.  There are bigger problems here, right now, than what’s happening over there, and I have since been wanting to reach for the concrete and right- in- front- of- me than the things I see over there. I think, at least for myself, there’s a bigger reality I’m looking at.

I’m sure this picture is well-placed, something for the swing voters, but I’m not too concerned about that, propaganda or not.

I love this picture because it represents, to me, a time where people were more “human”. Where there was a young man who loved a woman, and that was that. It represents a captured moment where Romney was not being political, just an honest expression, and that’s what we’re lacking so much in politics these days, an honest expression. The story’s in the simplicity, and I like simple. Love should be simple. I am that naive.

P.S// I’ve been wondering for the longest time on whether or not i should post this one now, I’ve had this in my drafts weeks ago when I found it, but I’ve been putting it off because of elections and campaign season, but after that I figured, it doesn’t matter if it’s now or later.


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