A Day in the Life of a Tee Jowee – a non-working version

Wake up at ten, look at the clock, Oh man it’s ten! Should have woken up at nine so I don’t waste my day away! AHLAH! Then proceeds with wasting the day away. Turn on laptop for ten minutes to browse through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, in that order, or if you like, in no order. Goes downstairs, makes some eggs. Boils water, lowers two eggs (cradled in a sieve) into the water so the splash of hot water does not splash on hands.

Jumps around the kitchen in vain attempts to get rid of excess fat, while waiting for eggs. Eggs took four minutes. Before taking eggs out, I decide to chop onions. Had a good cry. Tore the lid off tuna can. Grabbed mayonnaise from the fridge. Puts a heaping dollop of mayonnaise on tuna and onions. MIX WITH GLEE because we all know mixing is the funnest part. Crack soft boiled eggs. AH HOT HOT ! Mix in pepper and soya sauce. Tear bread to put it soft boiled eggs.

Eat breakfast with newspaper underneath. Browsed through the news. More corruption and more annoying government. Vows deep in my bones to do something about it. Checked out the new electric drum set in our living room, did some rewiring because the wires were all in a mess. Spent a good amount of time trying to get the faulty model to work, didn’t work, had to send it back to Subang.

Went upstairs for four episodes of 2 Broke Girls. Spent some time bemoaning my life and questioning my abilities, the ability to reason, to work hard, to write, to stir myself into motivation. Got annoyed with self. Stopped feeling sorry for self. Went downstairs to drink bucket-loads of water. Felt sick. Stomach bloated. Felt hungry after because found brother making instant noodles. Stole a spoonful of instant noodles.

Whatsapped friends. Tried calling some friends. Whatsapped more, while online. Checked out pitchfork, some blogs, some news articles, some Facebook news. Bemoaned my life again. Had to remind myself that MY LIFE IS FINE, I HAVE PLANS, it’s just not the time for them YET.

Got annoyed at 9gag, got annoyed at Reddit, got annoyed at youtube. People on the internet are so stupid. Just because you have an opinion does NOT mean you should go around saying everything that comes to mind. I don’t believe that we all have a right to our opinions, we do however, have a right to an INFORMED opinion. Continued scrolling through comment sections of people screaming at each other. OOH, Capslock, yeah we’re scared of that. The rainclouds rolled in, gathered all the clothes on the clothesline. Tried blogging about how people are so stupid, failed miserably because I found out I am “people” too.

Watched videos of dogs and babies. I will forever love you Labrador and Golden Retrievers!

Dreamed of finding a box full of puppies! If I find them in a litter of four, I shall name them George, Paul, John and Ringo. If there’s a fifth I will name it Yoko. I don’t care about the sex of the pups. They shall be named George Paul John and Ringo. Thought about what I might name a future child, if a boy, he shall be Luke, so his father can say ” Luke! I am your father!” (9gag gagged this) If a girl, I shall name her Argentina… So every time she cries I’ll be all like , ” DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINAAAAA….”

I have a slight penchant for calling a girl Pepper Ann too. So I can sing the theme song based on that name.

Tried getting myself out of bed. Felt horrible. Hot and cold and hot and cold, I think I’m falling sick. Stomach ache, must be something I ate. Felt super tired. Lay in bed. Got into a bad mood after that because DARN IT I FEEL HORRIBLE. I think its hormonal. Had to cook dinner. Didn’t in the end because sister came back and took over (God bless her!)

Drank Zinger Tea and had a sachet of bifidus. Tried eating dinner. Ate Kettle Chips, ate a Viennese chocolate sandwich.

Grabbed laptop, tried rewriting that thing on why people are stupid, then decided to write this because I’m incapable of anything else at all today.


So for those that ask, SO JOWEE, what have you been up to?

It’s all this in many different variations. *bows *


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