My New Year’s Resolutions 2013- Being a Better Jowee


What are my resolutions this year? 

Well I know that it is very well into the year now, and I am late, but I still make these lists year after year without thinking too much about whether or not I accomplish them. It just gives me a direction and an identity that I look forward to at the end of the year. I am going to be a little better, a better me, a new me, a renewed me!

Last year, the only resolutions I managed to “accomplish” was to graduate, which wasn’t even a real resolution since all that’s required of that is I sit through my exams and pass, which was not hard.

But you know the truth is, every year we should love ourselves a little more, and to be a little better, and that’s why I still make these lists, because it gives me goals, and goals make us reach, and reaching is growth and growth is good, and good is good ( see also: stop using “good” and build vocabulary)

1) The first resolution I am making is – to write more.

I know “more” isn’t really specific enough to be efficient, so I will say, I will write in my blog for at least once a week. Never mind if I am uninspired, that should not be the model on which I will work with anymore.

I need to make public declarations like this here because then I can be accountable to an imagined public, and that will keep me on my toes.

This year something tragic happened to me, writing broke up with me, because she cheated on me. I felt lonely and depressed, confused and I wanted her back. It was a long, LONG courting period. This relationship is so up-down and erratic, and really, really dysfunctional, but when the dysfunction is not dysfunction, it is so working, and “functional” and beautiful.

Also, I really, really missed the creative process. To be able to create is one of the greatest gifts in life, it makes me better, and like I said before, better is good.

2) My second resolution is to read so much of everything that my head explodes

People used to say I have a large head, and a large forehead, and I used to tell them it’s because of my amazingly full brain. It’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is.

My theme this year is “BE INTELLIGENT 2013”! Because the theme last year was “BE THIN 2012!”, sounds shallow, I know, but I assure you it has a deeper meaning into it, to be explained further below.

For this goal this year, I will read EVERYTHING I get my hands on. The specifics of this is really down to every last detail so I won’t list it here, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

(Includes: news, arts, sports, fashion, politics, the economy, business, scholarly papers, novels, magazines, cook books and the like. I also have this great list of novels all lined up for me on my shelf that I will dive into, a lot of booker prize winners and literary winners, which would be good brain food.)

My measure of accomplishment for this is to have 5 people I respect tell me verbally in one way or another, that “hey I’m really insightful, or smart, or intelligent”. I know, my measure of my own intelligence is super reliable.

3) Have gratitude

It keeps me content, and content is a step above happiness.

Happiness is a bit shallow.

4) I will sign up for Fantasy Football this season

Because I want to be cool. Includes a leveling up in Footie knowledge.

5) Get lean.

the goal is getting down to 50 kg this year.

Last year’s wish of “BE THIN 2012″ was only fulfilled this year, it was a bit late but still, really happy that it happened. I went from a 62kg person to a 55kg person. Getting busy helped greatly.

The goal, ” Be thin” wasn’t really an anorexic statement, it encompassed the added goal of being really, really pretty, so I got really hardworking in my personal grooming skills. Grew my hair out and made it curly, and decided to smile more, and willfully stretched my eyebrows and eyes so that it looked bigger and brighter.


Me- the one that looks like she’s going “ngaap”

I can’t remember what was the original motivator of this theme. I think it was wanting for at least once in my life to be pretty, cause it’s not often that happens. Your peak only happens for a few years, and then your body and face tends to deteriorate, so I decided that the year 2012 shall be when my physical beauty peaks. But now that that phase is over and done with, I can focus on other things. Like that giant, beautiful brain of mine. (I had promised it wouldn’t be shallow, but now that I read what I had just said, I have no choice but to conclude that it was shallow, NOT complaining, people tend to complain that I get too “deep” and “intense”, how do you like me now?)

5) Be able to do a somersault and a cartwheel.

A lifelong dream.

6) To be involved in something that I’m NOT good at.

Like math.

7) Grow all friendships to “the next level”


Image meant as a representation of all friendships

again the specifics of this are customized to each relationship I have, so it’s a difficult measure. But, the general rule is, to not let “being busy” be an excuse to not meet people.

8) Get published somewhere I’m proud of.

Another -iffy statement. This is still in the works.

9) Get First Class Honours.

Fund my education myself and not get broke.

My 5 year plan is to be a lecturer and get my PHD.

And well, there is no number ten to this list. This is it, very simple, yet very difficult. The overall skill I am gaining this year is to be so organized, and so on top of my “game”, and my time planning.

I do not manage “time”, there will always be 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, time doesn’t need to be “managed”. I am “time”. I manage myself.

Okay happy weekend everyone. Will be posting more soon.

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