Introduction to a Year of Words

549567_4457254359384_539016131_nWhirring, whirring, whirring. 

My brain is whirring at rates not good for sleep. 

Greetings my fellowman, 

Today you are looking at a person on a mission.

If you’re reading this, I am someone that’s setting about on a journey, an expectation, an adventure, towards a better writing year for 2013.

The plan is, to make this blog (and I hate that this is a blog by the way) like a novel, with many chapters, and anecdotes and stories. Something with a whole lot of marvel, mystery and curiosity, but also a lot of wonder, and anger, and rants, naturally.

I’m not saying that my life is anything worth reading about, but it’s definitely worth writing about. It’s not that wonderful that it warrants a novel, but there is also a lot of wonder in the mundane, and it’s a hanging on to the belief that all of life is a story, only depending on how it’s told.

Today, right at the start, I’m telling you that my relationship with writing has changed so many times, we are now at the point of the relationship where we’ve broken up because she’s cheated on me, and now I’m here, trying to woo her back, because I miss her, long for her, and just, plain, pathetically, wanting her back.

First, I need to tell you where I am in life, because where I am in life, is directly related to where I am in “writing life”.

Today, I Tee Jowee ( I wish I had a long, cool, middle name like Theolonius or something so that I can make declarations sound super important by saying ” I Tee Theolonius Jowee Monk) had previously got my degree in the Arts, interned at BFM for awhile, and now I am working. For this coming year, it will be my busiest one yet. I work in the morning, in the afternoon I work on my thesis (to be published this year), and for once a week I will be involved with teaching Journalism to 13-15 year olds.

As my main source of income, I teach. People give me sympathetic looks when I tell them this, because everyone expects everyone to be in a corporate job, and that if I’m not there “climbing the ladder” I am a nobody, and I am sad, and I am not very smart. People will always want something that’s lucrative and looks good, like a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, and in the very least if you’re not any of these, at least make some good money by being a business person, but since my very passion with words doesn’t quite pay the rent (in the beginning at least), I decided that it doesn’t matter where I’m at now, or what I do, everything else becomes secondary when you’ve got one big passion.

I could be a dog breeder or something, for an income, and I would be okay, because I’m still working towards that novel. But teaching came up first, instead of breeding Golden retrievers.

By the way, I love what I’m doing- Teaching. It agrees with my brains and temperament, and really closely, with my heart. Brains because I’m directly involved with ideas, knowledge, and learning, things that I never wanted to leave from the start, my temperament because I get to be funny, expressive, kind and inspirational for a living, my heart because it feels right, like I’m giving, volunteering, doing something good.

The only 10% I hate about this is waking up early in the morning and having to sleep early and tell my friends what a grandmother I am by going to bed at 9.

Too bad mother never told me to make lots of money, I wish she had forced me to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but instead she just told me to be happy.

That’s why I am, severely poor and happy.

Thank you very much. *bows

So here I am, that typical struggling writer, that would probably only be famous after she dies. But you know I’m at a good place in life, my writing is kicking off splendidly.

The GOAL of my blogging this year, is to come up with enough material, content, or inspiration to further fuel my writing. That’s why I’m organizing the contents of this blog into chapters and titles, and regular characters. I’m excited this is moving.

Stay tuned for more.


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