The excuses I’ve given for not writing

Dear all,

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in, umpteenth years, more accurately, ten million. I’ve found myself giving a list of any of the following excuses for not writing, the number one being:

  1. too busy 
  2. no time ( this is different from too busy, because too busy, signifies a want, with limitations, and no time means, no time)
  3. writer’s block  (what does this even mean anymore?)
  4. sleepy (which is every 2 hours after food)
  5. hungry ( which is every 2 hours after food)
  6. and a change in perspective ( this is a bit more complicated to explain, but to cut the long story short, I’ve recently discovered all the things I am capable of doing that didn’t include writing, whereas before, writing was like this “identity” I held on so dearly to.)

Hey it’s not like you’re sitting there waiting from something from me, I’m not a “blogger” or a “celebrity” or a superstar to the world, just to those that know me, to which i say, thank you. I’m just so bad at keeping promises. So I will try making one more, I will blog something substantial tomorrow.




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