A Day In the life of a Tee Jowee ( the “working” version)

Awhile ago I wrote about what my life looked like in a day, but then was different from now. I was lazing around then, and now I’m a working lady. So life looks quite different and the events that inform my thoughts and ideas continue to change, and I would argue, “get better”. But generally:

My day begins by reaching work at 7.30 a.m., I usually try to get up at 6.30 a.m., but “try” is the operative word. I am usually up at 7.00 am on good days, and on bad days 7.15 am. So I rush to work, thankfully only 5-10 minutes away. Work is the kindergarten, yes I am a kindergarten teacher, call me Lily Aldrin, currently run by my bosses- the sister and mother. Ask me how it is working with family? Well I can’t tell you. I try distancing myself from them at work to avoid complicating my life. I finish work at 1.00 PM – 1.15 PM give or take, and usually am on my way to the university. I take a little break, eat food, and in Daryl’s words, ” Talk cock” with friends and fellow honours students, and begin actual work at 2.30 pm.

My goals for my research at the university usually look like this:

1) I should be reading 3 academic papers a day, making it 15 a week. Also A book every three days, and writing summaries on all of them to aid my writing that is due to begin in June.

2) I have still yet to figure out my theoretical framework, and write my literature analysis. I also need to plan my fieldwork, get interviewees, and further outline my thesis chapters. Also planning for research supposedly due to begin in May (which starts today).

In general I never meet these goals during the week. So I stress myself out.

Then I usually finish at 6.30-7.00 pm, and make my way home. I usually reach home at 7.30-7.45, eat dinner, rest, and usually Daryl comes over, if he doesn’t, I’m usually online fuming at the news and ranting to/at friends. Then he goes home, and I try to get to bed by ten. It usually looks like 11.30 to 12.00 a.m. Then my day repeats 5 more times till the weekend.

Here’s a picture of crepe cake so my post won’t look so boring

The only different routine in my week are on Tuesdays when honours classes are and when I go to Nobel International to teach Journalism and run the editorial board. This is once a week. So my Mondays are usually reserved for lesson planning and preparing slides, research and other work. So after classes and the bi-weekly meeting with my honours supervisor, I drive to school (school to me has to be continually defined, I’m part of three! ), reach at 3.00 pm, finish at 4.30, wait till 5.00 pm while waiting for Jordan to finish basketball practice, and drive home. I usually reach home at 6.30.

I try separating my workdays into strictly “work” and my play days into strictly “play”. So I try to do NO work on weekends, to prevent a burnout. My weekends are consumed by Birthdays, events, church, Daryl, football and mamak sessions- usually Melissa, Nat and Sam, or brunch and tea with Wei-Lin and co., and others that are free. The other “friends” section of my life have been taken up by Whatsapp chats and Skype chats, because they insist on being away and out of the country.

So when friends and people ask “How are you”, and ” What are you doing now?”. This is it!

Don’t worry, I don’t believe my dreams are being put at the back-burner just because I’m a teacher. The plan is to be a lecturer, and publish papers, articles, and write my Novel before I’m thirty-three.

Also, I’m sorry I lied about, “I will blog something substantial tomorrow“. Gosh has it been a day already?! Time sure flies when you lie.


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