Why I Hate Capital FM: An open letter

(This is going to be a long one)

An open letter to Capital FM:

Dear Capital FM,

I’ve been thinking for a long time now and mulling over writing this, first because I don’t think merely writing about an issue would lead to direct, conducive change, it takes more than that, and I’m looking for more. My efforts now at most would raise the discussion and get some members of society to get some thinking going on. I’ve since come to adopt this as my purpose for writing.

Secondly, “Hate” is a strong word, but I used it in the title because I feel strongly about this issue. It’s dangerous to continue what you’re doing Capital FM; dangerous because this station represents the very opposite of what equality is, what women’s rights are, what feminism is and what women are, despite claiming to champion these things, and continuing to do so will inadvertently see to the detriment of women.

First and foremost, I realize the strengths of your station, namely it’s existence. The fact that there is a station that is “for women”, speaks about an untapped discussion in society that had previously been unseen and not spoken about. But mere existence alone is not enough, it has to be good for something, and currently the station is not good, and it can be so much better. Here are my arguments:

Number one 1) 

I do not buy into the idea that there can be a station that “represents women”, because it’s just not possible for anything to represent all women. I tweeted something the other day: “Its a very dangerous thing to have a radio station that claims to speak for women. Because women are as diverse as half of the world.”, and what I mean is women make up half of society, they are so much more diverse than the stereotypes and pigeonholes you’ve put them in. We’re not just girlfriends, mothers and wives, we’re also citizens, businesspeople, and individuals, and this population cannot be clumped together and generalized, or addressed simply by-gender and gender roles.

You want to talk about equality and freeing genders, first you break out of the mold about speaking about binaries of women as “women” and men as “men”, and start looking at them as individuals. Just like how you stop talking about Malays as Malays, Indians as Indians and Chinese as Chinese, we are Malaysians. We are not just women, and we are not just men, we are human beings.

Human beings with thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes, diverse vocations and backgrounds.  We don’t all like make-up or to talk about hot-men, or like to hear “celebrity gossip”, which are the things you and some of your hosts and programming talk about. Even worse are your PSA’s. There’s this one with Xandra Ooi, saying something like, ” hey let’s not gossip ladies”. First the PSA won’t change anything by stating the obvious. Second, who in this day and age will get influenced by the magical “voice of god” from the new fangled contraption called the radio, or that just because Xandra Ooi tells me not to gossip, which is quite the irony, I would suddenly change and say, “hey I won’t gossip anymore!”

Second, this is also a generalization about ladies that we all gossip. It’s simply inaccurate, people that like to gossip will gossip, men and women and gay and transgendered, and not just women.

I believe there are far more intelligent women in the world, and what your station does is cater to the lowest common denominator of women in society, and that’s dangerous, because it’s representing women as clearly, stupider than what they are and keeps them in a perpetual cycle of low culture discussions, never breaking out of the cycle of intellectual poverty. It’s such a shallow discussion, and everything you’re talking about, to the content you have, the discussions you have, and the hosts you have do not help raise the bar on misconceptions and preconceptions of women.

I’ll give you an example, first, on content.

The news that you report about, largely focuses on rape, snatch theft, crimes against women, and the focus is understandable- it’s a women’s station. But I would also like to know what the national/ international discussion is, I want to know about politics, I also want to know about sport, and gadgets, stocks, business and market trends. Are you trying to tell me that because I’m a woman, I’m too dumb to be able to consume this type of content? Won’t be interested in it? Should stick to knowing about what will harm me? I know what is going to harm me, and one of them, is your content.

The people that listen to the radio at the times when you read your news, are people that travel to work and back, they are business people. Won’t it be more conducive to cater to the businesswomen? entrepreneurs? High-flyers in society? My argument is that, your ideas about what women want or don’t want to listen to keeps them in a bubble, in their own world of fear, make-up, bad music, and men, and more grossly, “what men want” or “what kind of women do men want?”. That’s not the question on every woman’s mind, we don’t exist solely for men, and if that happens to be the question on some women’s minds, you can help snap them out of it. Give them dignity, give them education, keep them informed, keep them engaged. It is entirely possible to have important, educated content about women in life and society without driving your “market” away. Think BFM. What is happening now is you’re putting women in a filter bubble that all they know is what they are thought to like and are naturally pre-dispositioned to know anyway.

Second 2)

Your tagline, “Women the New Capital”, I have a problem with that. To speak in your language, it’s like the idea of ” America’s Next Top Model”, there will always be a “Next”. It’s this never-ending cycle of never having a winner at the top. It has never been ” HERE’S THE TOP MODEL”, it’s always, “Here’s the next…” while it works for the continuity of programming for Miss Banks, women aren’t a marketing gimmick, or a show to be sold. I don’t want be a “new” capital, I don’t want to be stuck being forever “new”, I want to be established. I want to be in a state where we don’t ever have to continue talking about ourselves as a “new” power and to know that I already am.

3) Third, Your hosts, presenters and DJs. 

The only reason I had tuned in to Capital FM in the first place was because I loved Patricia K’s playlist. It had great indie tracks and offered a good musical alternative. But you need to think about your primetime hosts and content (See above). Joanne and Xandra are really annoying, because they keep on talking about hot men and the dynamics between men and women. The content already does not help, in the very least, get likable personalities. Xandra Ooi is not likable.

For the Jam Break, you need a radio presenter that is intelligent and insightful, someone that understands that feminism or women’s rights are not about bashing the other gender, and that is what so commonly happens in your station. Your previous co-host Liang, got bashed so much by Debs for his opinions, that in my opinion were completely valid. Just because he was a man his views were shot down, now that’s gender discrimination. How is this “equality” Just because he was working in a radio station “for women”, he has to concede and say that ” you’re right?” For the record, no she wasn’t right. Her arguments were shallow, and it wasn’t because she was a woman, it was because she was the wrong person for the job. She either needs to research harder, work harder, or find someone more qualified for it. The chemistry isn’t right, and the host you chose isn’t right.

The only segment that I think was appropriately placed is Asha Gill’s segment. It was in the afternoon, she talks about health, nutrition, mommy stuff, which is smart seeing as it’s in the afternoon, and the women that would be in their cars in the afternoon would most likely be stay-at-home moms.

I’ve been talking about all my dislikes about your station at length, and it will not be fair if I just criticized and don’t offer suggestions. So here are some:

1) Hire likable people

2) Hire intelligent, insightful people

3) Think of a new content model

This current model you’re working on won’t work anymore. Even if your assumption is that women aren’t interested in business or “too complex” get someone to explain it in a readily consumable way

So here it is, understandably it is a tough, complex complicated job trying to run a radio station for women, there’s not many ways you can go about it without angering some segment of society. But about women and who they are, think harder. I think many of you are older than I am, you’re supposed to know better. In the very least, don’t speak down to women and propagate the stereotypes and assumptions about women with your actions.


A concerned individual





  1. This is a good piece Wee. And yes, I have always found Xandria Ooi not likeable and a bit condescending. I think it’s the way she presents herself, not really her as a person that’s unlikeable.

  2. You hit it right on the nail…
    As a guy, I feel that Capital FM degrades women…And how Xandra thinks she is what all women aspire to be, I fear for all womenkind. I have met enough intelligent, sophisticated women in my life to know that she is definitely not the epitome of womanhood

    1. Thank you for leaving your thoughts here Paul. It makes me hopeful when I hear men speaking out about these issues, because we need both men and women and all in society to realize what’s wrong and how to make things right.

  3. Great piece, thought I was the only one who felt this way about the station (and part of me suspected that I was being nit-picky) … but every time I tune in to Capital, I am always left wondering: Good Lord, is this all I am???

  4. You should also suggest the change of the name of the radio station – to me, the radio station has the same name as the dictatorship centre of the Hunger Games universe…

  5. Hi ppl,
    This is first time i am writing to a publicized radio blog. Ohh and I am a malaysian born male in my late 40’s. So since cfm launched I hv been listenin to it when ever I have time. The thing is that I hv to agree with ‘A concerned individual’ of his opinion. Next year my company plans to publish a magazine for women, the theme is educating women out there what life is all abt, how to invest? How to manage their company, finance, family, inlaws, kids & etc. We want to what you say …inspire women towards the betterment of them and the important ppl around them. We want to see more successful women out there regardless of their background or past history. We want to be their inspiration towards life. We want to encourage them to new changes in life that they have supports from various organisations who are willing to help, not only women but those with wht ever orientation they may be. We just wsnt women to be well knowledge where ever thei maybe in Malaysia.

    CFM we are not criticising your efforts but it must cater for all walks of women . I also luv BFM they too hv some room for improvement. Dont just think out of the box but explore, the sky is not the limit. Wishing CFM all the best in exploring the new frontiers.

    Best wishes

  6. Great points. I disagree with one thing though: that DJs (women in particular) have to be likeable. ‘So and so is not likeable’ or ‘so and so are really annoying’ is not proper critique and doesn’t stand up as proper argument. In fact, it smacks of irrational girl hate, of the ‘errrhhhmerrrgeeerrrrrd I can’t STAND her’ variety. Plus, women are under pressure to smile, be nice and likeable ALL THE FUCKING TIME. If my DJ is smart, I don’t care if she’s a bitch. In fact, I’d prefer it if she was.

    1. Hi sharon. Yeah its a fair comment. But I also think that as a public personality, you do have to be “likable”. this isn’t a male/female thing, its more like an “audience” thing, where if you want people to listen to your station, you need likable people. Like let’s say Caroline Oh of BFM, she’s extremely likable on air and gets people’s attention. she has a voice like silk … and it gets people listening. For this reason I think its important that radio personalities, and people in the media need to have this “X” factor about them. This certain quality of “likability”.

      like Britian’s the X factor, or american idol, they’re always talking about the X factor or … likability.

      anyway thank you for taking the time to drop your comment. i really appreciate it.

      1. Not a proper critique or argument, but likability is really subjective. Case in point: I find myself having to tolerate (putting it mildly) Caroline Oh, but Shefah Szetu and Freda Liu are great presenters IMHO. That said, thanks for opening up the overall discussion; it’s good feedback for CFM if they’re sincere in being a more educational/empowering station that caters to women.

  7. Excellent writing! My friends (with whom I shared this article) and I (all of us the targeted audience of the station) want to do a virtual applause for you!

  8. Dear Jo Wee.

    I find your article very insightful and your critique very well phrased and structured. Yes, I do agree that if you perpetuate the stereotypes by higlighting the obvious every single time, it will not help the cause of human or woman’s rights for that matter. Malay this and Chinese That….we have men this and women that as well.

    We live in a modern age where the gender barriers are starting to come down but now we have Capital FM increasing the gap even more. If they really want to do service to women in Malaysia.

    Allow me to share my experience with Capital FM, I tuned in when it first aired and I was very encouraged by the initial hype and marketing, even the playlist was very 80s and 90s which was nice but I heard my first interview and I totally forgot who was the host already and she was attacking this clinical psychologist about gender roles, she did not allow him to get his point across, and if he did she made him look like a chauvinist when his points were spot on; I noticed this VERY disturbing trend and never followed through with listening to Capital FM.

    I thank you for insightful and candour in the matter.

    Keep on writing my dear!

  9. So glad that someone finally brought this up. I had to stop listening to CFM less than six months after they launched (after listening to the same old ‘my husband is cheating on me’ nonsense)! Well, basically really shallow topics.

    Indeed women should not be compartmentalized and boy am I sick of women being portrayed as sex objects(read Miley Cyrus). In my opinion, the 21st century women are all for equality and we should not be portrayed as the weaker sex. And I also don’t see the need for CFM to hire so-called celebrities to be PSA’s. We really don’t need to listen about botox, cheating spouses, yummy men or anything that would make us seem like we are so brainless that we can’t go beyond these so-called women’s borders.

  10. I totally agree with you. It’s been something I’ve wonder when I tune into Capital FM during the evening traffic. Most of the time after listening to some music I’ll turn back to BFM.

    I find some of the tips they gave were shallow, most of these tips are from online or magazines. I wonder if the host have ever tried it. The most annoying part, they have to share 1 tip after each song. Which gets me frustrated. I also have an interest in what’s happening around Malaysia and Business apart from beauty and fashion. So I’m constantly switching from radio stations.

  11. i agree completely, and it’s the reason why i’ve stopped listening to Capital. at first i thought it was a great idea to have a station that advocates for women but the more i listened to it the more i realised that all it does is play the same old gender game. and i think that it IS dangerous for them (and their listeners) to think that this is what feminism/equality advocacy is about, because they’re just reinforcing the status quo, and from the other side of the fence. i do know that it’s a tough job… BUT if you put yourself out there and try to take it on, you’ve got to know that you have to get it right, otherwise you risk harming the cause you seek to champion.

    overall i think Capital focuses TOO much on “oh women yay!” that it does us a disservice. what feminism seeks to do is to make gender matter less, not put a focus on the fact that i’m a woman. for this reason, i vastly prefer BFM, because they put out interesting, intelligent, and yes, highly entertaining content, presented by competent and articulate DJs of every sort, crossing boundaries of gender, colour, ethnicity, origin, and doesn’t even make a big deal out of it. that is what equality looks like to me. NOT the same old tired “men are like this, women are like that”, and the old reverse-sexist jokes about how women are actually better than men. stop it. stop playing their game.

    i’ve been thinking about this for a long time too, but i’m not much of a writer these days so i never did put them down in writing, but your post echoes a lot of the same things i’ve thought.

  12. I agree with your assessment on Capital’s shallow understanding of women and unfortunately I find this attitude leaking into their general music playlists as well. While I’m intrigued by discussions of fitness and safety, I abhor the music they play. All day long its vanilla pop, soft rock, and soulful men telling us they loooooove us. Is this what they think feeds our souls? I get that these are nice songs that were hits at one point, but I’d like my songs to have a little bite and grit. Play a little Kesha, a lil Rihanna, a lil Zed, or anything else as long as it isn’t disrespectful. I may be a woman, but our music doesn’t have to be all wheat fields and sun flowers. AmIrite?

  13. I usually don’t comment on blogs but when I do, it’s to say THANKS FOR THIS POST.

    For the longest time I thought I was the only one who thought the “for women” bit was just a shallow marketing gimmick. When it first launched sometime back, there was all this hype so I tuned in out of genuine interest to see how they would deliver on their promise. I admit, I had high expectations but only because of their rather bold claim that they were a station that catered to women. Indeed, how can you adequately address the complex and varied tastes of one half of the human population? Needless to say I wasn’t just disappointed but utterly disdainful of what they assumed I’d want to listen to. I heard 90s R&B and occasionally some chill lounge music, and also bits of shows which annoyed me because of their fluffy content – not that I ever tuned in for long to even find out if it all had some deeper meaning or insight. Mindless chatter tends to have that effect.

    I wondered if perhaps they were targeting younger women. Alas, I highly doubt it. Their DJs are around my age, and the manifesto on their website, and their programmes allude to a broad range of working women.

    Fluff, fluff, fluff. I would not recommend Capital FM to any of my “stylish, thinking women” friends whom they say they’re targeting. In fact, what’s with the emphasis on “thinking women”? As opposed to… unthinking women? Who are they? So Capital FM is wants to be station for intellectual/smart/insert-empowerment-cliché-here women. Are there unthinking men out there too? Or are only women predisposed to non-thinkingness and hence the need to distinguish them?

    I’m not going to hate on their DJs because I do think that’s subjective, and also I’ve never actually bothered to sit through an entire program…because content is king, and their content sucks.

  14. Hi Jowee… this is your former ‘Teacher Allen’… from CLDR ’06 😀 I saw this blog circulated on FB to some friends I know. I really enjoyed your writing flair, the maturity in how you presentation your case & your insight POV. Even back then, I always knew you were a very bright individual. Academically, artistically..even creatively 🙂 And reading this after all these years later…. i’m genuinely excited that there is much hope for our country with youth like yourself in society ❤ Keep it up!

  15. I agree with 90% of what is written here. I would like to state for the proverbial record that the 10% of my reserve is for Joanne Kam and Xandria Ooi. These 2 women worked and slogged their guts out, with no producer, no support to produce a morning show that made you smile, laugh, be shocked or learn something. They spoke to a demographic of women who loved their ‘hot man’ segment and the other fun and informative parts of the show. The parts that they designed and created to bring some joy into the morning slog to work. They were not paired from the start.

    Nope, Joanne had to go through many ‘co-hosts’ and for a long time ‘man’ the show herself. With no one to support her. She did her best and I take my hat off to her for doing so.

    Xandria had the misfortune of being matched with the wrong co-host. Liang is a lovely beautiful human being but the two of them just didn’t work out. Not for any other reason than radio, like tv, has to have hosts that vibe on the same page if not having different perspectives. I adore them both.

    In order to be realistic and factual, a dissection should be made about the rules we had to engage in, the censorship board we had to skirt around – vagina a word not to be bandied about….need I say more.

    We all joined Capital fM for the same reasons, to make a difference. There are many women who want different things and perhaps the problem lay in being the first to try and hit this en pointe. We missed many times and we also suffered the lack of technical and back support you would imagine a radio station should have.

    BFM is amazing and has about 3 producers per show to help ensure that information, facts and guests were varied and colourful.

    We at Capital FM had none.

    So, in my response to this:

    Yes, Capital FM has failed so terribly where it should not have.

    But picking on presenters because they are not your ‘cup’ of tea is below the belt and somewhat negates your very valid 90%.

    I saw Xandria and Joanne work harder than anyone I know in radio or tv to do the best they could given the leeway and the circumstance they found themselves in.

    So I truly believe they triumphed and were an epitome of the female spirit.

    There is no equality and as long as Page 3 girls exist and purile ‘punked’ pranks exist on other stations…..However, ‘Hot man’ was a pretty decent bit of lovely fun and enjoyed by the hosts and guests alike.

    I know, I was there in studio watching it all happen. It was the best start to the morning.

    So next time you feel like attacking a bunch of women who are doing their best with what they are given, understand this…

    They gave a shit.

    1. Hi Asha,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment. It is a privilege to be read by you. You made fair comments, and what you said on behalf of your friends and colleagues showed people that they are good people- strong women, worthy of emulating. My intention had never been to hurt Joanne or Xandria, I had said that “I” didn’t like them. And in this case you, xandria, joanne and the station do not have to listen to a word I say. I believe this is the beauty of life and the Internet. I am just one person who wrote down my opinions. “I” am not big. I don’t know them personally like you do. “SO WHO ARE YOU TO MAKE THESE COMMENTS?!” -Exactly. This is precisely why you don’t have to listen to me.

      So if there be any negative feelings coming from me, its coming from a place where “I” as a consumer is listening to the “public” persona that is “xandria and joanne” – A public persona that is distinct and separate from their personal ones.There will be people that love them, their families and friends know them to be wonderful, amazing, people…

      It is definitely significantly difficult creating any type of content, and being a radio or public personality. You and the station have my utmost respect for that. I also believe that they are women, you are a woman… and they will work hard and bust their butts off to make the difference your station wants to make. I have absolute faith…


      1. Dear you,

        I think you critique very well as your other readers have commented. I think it is great that you write your opinions down with such detail and thought. It means you care and you wish things could be different. I have a huge amount of respect for that.

        My reply to you was just to give a different perspective of the same story. I thank you for allowing me to defend some very amazing women. In return, I was not attacking you nor implying ‘Who do you think you are’. I think you have every right to speak your mind. And that you open a discourse on a subject matter that is failing women is commendable.

        Why not listen to you? A bright articulate voice deserves to be listened to. We may not always all agree on everything in life, but the more people are open to talking and listening – in this case, reading, we are changing the situation by virtue of ‘coming to the table’.

        Keep on blogging! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    2. Question is, Asha, what will be done to improve the quality of the programes on the station?

      I have a suggestion – there are so many inspiring women in Malaysia. (we dont have to look west) Find these women via recommendation or via social media, bring them on the show, have a chat about how their lives changed after a turmoil/disaster, help other women and men learn from their experiences.


  16. Reblogged this on This Blog Sparkles! and commented:
    I think this is rather interesting and needs to be reblogged.

    I have always thought that Capital.FM is very one sided when it comes to what it means to ‘represent women’ and I for one am not interested to just hear about news on celebrities, gossips, ‘girl stuff’ etc. I’m all for women empowerment, but if empowerment meant that I cannot go beyond the stereotypical women roles/interests, then how can Capital.FM blatantly say that they support women as a whole? Hence why I enjoy listening to BFM more. It’s a business station, yes, but there are more things to talk about instead of just business-y stuff – politics, family, life, interest, market, etc… Obviously Capital.FM has its strength in specializing women issues which as a woman myself, I thoroughly enjoy the idea of the existence of a channel especially for me(!), but I’m sure they can do more than just talk about make-up and shopping and gossip and what it means to be a ‘woman’ in the most stereotypical manner.

    It’s interesting to see how this post can change the concept of the radio station. It has been such a famous post now, being shared around by everyone – mostly angry women (and men) perhaps?

  17. Hi Jo Wee,
    You critique very well. Well thought out and well written. I have tried many times to listen to C FM( after all I am female) but never lasted beyond 20 mins due to annoyance or just absolute boredom…..
    I truly truly dislike being stuck in certain pigeon holes just because of gender…eg women in the kitchen, men at the pub….etc
    Thanks for the article . Keep it up

  18. Have not listened enough to Capital – partly because the few times I did the anchors were irritating and yes, everything that you said. BFM (Capital better music yes) has me any day and the only real option in the morning is Yasmin Yusoff at 105.7, witty intelligent and lively. I wonder why she is not on capital!

  19. Brilliant piece. But I can’t resist tuning in between 1pm and 3pm. There’s nothing better. No squabbling DJs. Just chill out lounge.

  20. I can’t help but agree to everything u said. When Capital fm played only music, prior to their official launch, I was so excited simply because of the selections of music. Then they had Joey G and other djs. I tot, ok.. maybe they are fairly new. Then joanne and xandria took the morning slot. I have nothing against them, but the contents of their morning show is indeed lacking. In the end, although they have great playlists, my ears just can’t bear listening to all the topics discussed without being judgmental.

  21. i had my fair share of bad experience with Capital FM after winning one of their radio contests back in the early days of the radio station. Their A&P person was rude, condescending and unhelpful. They do not understand their ‘so-called’ target demographics at all and I have long since deleted their station of my radio, which is a crying shame because I loved the station before The Star took over. I think BFM is a better choice for overall listening. Plus BFM’s djs have better chemistry.

  22. Sorry, I find nothing wrong with Capital FM. Fighting for gender equality is one thing, but thinking man and woman is 100% equal is a really big mistake. There is just too many things that makes a woman different than man. This station is focusing on the things that makes a woman different, like woman songs, lipsticks and stuff. It will be damn stupid for them and pointless to talk about football, because Hitz.FM and other gender neutral station has already covered that topic.

    Instead of hating on a station that does a really good job of targeting woman audience. Maybe you need to get in touch with your own sexuality, try to focus on the woman side of yourself.

    1. No where does the author say that men and women are biologically identical. And human sexuality involves much more than “woman songs, lipsticks and stuff” and “football”.

      I suggest you read some of the comments here, which echo the sentiments in the article.

  23. Reblogged this on Second Phase and commented:
    While I don’t listen to Capital FM (or any specific station at that), I find this writer’s arguments to be completely valid and appropriate for “women” issue everywhere.

    I love this part the most:
    “The news that you report about, largely focuses on rape, snatch theft, crimes against women, and the focus is understandable- it’s a women’s station. But I would also like to know what the national/ international discussion is, I want to know about politics, I also want to know about sport, and gadgets, stocks, business and market trends. Are you trying to tell me that because I’m a woman, I’m too dumb to be able to consume this type of content?”

    Almost every Women section of any magazine/newspaper I read always talk about make up, men, sex, cooking and home decorating. We have more Rosa Parks in Malaysia than we know and we’re not giving them enough credit. And if this trend continues, we never will.

  24. I think your comment about the radio station is spot on…i have been having thoughts in my head about the radio station but I have problems putting them in words..so i must say thank you…and I only tuned into the station between 1pm-4pm for the indie music and that’s also the only slot in the day where nobody is talking..:)

  25. love your views. totally agree especially on XO. 1 word “unlikable. rejected her outright when there was a proposal to have her as our event emcee

  26. Thank you, Jowee, for writing this letter. I totally agree with your views. Xandra’s & Joanne’s morning was really insulting to women’s intelligence and was always a cue for me to switch stations. I am glad they are gone. I hate all the ‘public service’ messages the station makes about how women should wear flats so that they can run when attached, heels are bad for your back, predators are all out there waiting to grab your children. It’s absolutely the lowest common denominator as though women are just all about clothes and kids. For shame!

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