A (poorly documented) 2013


I got a stunning reminder the other day of what my life was before turning… a certain age, or rather, before entering a new phase in my life. Back then, I chased inspiration, chased it like the sun, chased it with a club!

Now, my life in 2013, I’ve poured all my energies into earning a living that I’ve missed out on making some good art. I miss that so much, you have no idea. Even if it isn’t “art”, I missed sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world, it keeps me inspired, it keeps me searching. My thoughts this year in this blog has been splotchy and all over the place. There’s no narrative to speak of and I’ve abandoned almost all of my goals this year. But now, late into the year and almost into a new one, I’m going to try to start again, if it’s okay with you my dear readers. Thank you for being so patient with me and still bothering to check up on me once in awhile.

I take a lot of what Socrates talks about in the unexamined life… that it is not worth living, but I also realized how dramatic that statement is. I don’t think examination and introspection is everything, but my “contemplation” muscles have been weakened by pragmatism and all this “work work work work” / “go go go go”. I’m so tired, in fact I’m tired all the time.

So I’m going to make some new goals for this season of my life, number 1) write even when you don’t want to 2) write something, a little something everyday 3) finish what you start out writing, doesn’t mean you have to post anything, just finish writing something.

Hopefully, that will train my brain again.


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