Being Grateful for 2013: A List

Here are some of the things I want to remember about 2013:

1. Got a full scholarship for my Honour’s year.

Consequently met some of the best people ever, cohorts, supervisors, academic staff and all.

2. Wrote a Thesis and completed my Honour’s year  

I can never thank my supervisor, family and friends enough for this one. Their support was immeasurable.

3. Fractured my finger playing Futsal

How have I lived 23 years without a sport-related injury? Well, try never playing a sport ever. Which leads to…

4. Played Futsal

Now, I have a “team”- loosely formed.

I wanted to try something new. I wanted to do the kind of thing that I wasn’t necessarily good at, but was passionate about. Because how often are we only passionate about the things we’re good at? and afraid to do things because we’re bad at it?

Oh trust me, I’m bad at this.

5. Found 5 puppies thrown away at the side of the road

This was significant because I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine- Save animals. I had always wanted to pick up strays as a child, but no one would let me of course. It wasn’t pretty, nothing about the entire process was. But found them all homes in 2 days, and realized that there are such good people around.

6. Made 8 new, good friends (and all my old friends still love me) 

I love these people.

7. Lost a friend 

Prior to this, I had never broken up with any “friend” before. Sure people fall in and out of touch in our lives, but we’re still “friends”. This is the first time I ever forthrightly told someone I did not want to be their friend.

You see, friendship is one of the most important “ships” in my life, and almost everything  can be solvable and salvageable to me. BUT, this year I learned what was not okay and I am a better, wiser person for it.

8. My baby nephew was born 

I am lost for words at the miracle of life.

9. Went to Singapore for Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, Urbanscapes with Tegan and Sara, Franz Ferdinand, Mew and Explosions in the Sky, 65 Days of Static… 

I am very happy with where the music industry is going. The local scene is booming, and many old/new bands are coming in. I am a very happy music-lover.

10. Had the opportunity of being part of roughly 200 young lives 

It was a privilege I will not take lightly. This was where I learned your heart can open to be X200 times larger than what it is.

11. Had the opportunity to teach 14 teenagers a little something

I had always been afraid of teenagers. This experience opened my eyes. I love these kids.

12. Had a post go viral

I had always been wrought with self-doubt about my chosen field- writing, and I had always wanted a larger audience. So first, this experience gave me some form of confirmation that what I am doing can be called “good”, and secondly I no longer desire “fame”. To have a lack of control was NOT fun.

13. Voted for the first time 

Consequently, it was also one of the more significant elections of our time.

14. Changed my relationship with food

Decided to become a vegetarian for various, and perhaps “all” reasons- health, environmental, ethics- everything. I am not a vegetarian yet, I still succumb to meat some days. It is more accurate to say I am a pescetarian. But more importantly, I eat because I am hungry and have to eat, not because I am bored, or greedy, or just because I want to eat. I am a lot more careful and make more conscious choices and efforts to think about what I am putting in my body, and the kind of effects it would have on the world/earth. Even more significant is how much better my relationship with food is now compared to when I was a teenager. Did you know I used to be afraid to eat? This is a victory if I ever saw one.

In the following days, and the next post I am going to write about my New Year’s resolutions. It is a long, extensive list I have not gotten around to writing yet. But I need to write it down, I need an audience to help me be accountable.

Anyway, I am signing off now. Until next time…


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