New Year’s Resolutions : 2014


Good morning world,

It’s the first day of 2014. I have always loved new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, and having a fresh start to everything. So, it’s the perfect time to start making plans!

SO, here is my ” How to be a better person” battle plan. The projected timeline, as always, is towards the end of 2014. So by December 2014, if I am not a “successful” 24 year old then I would have been at least better off than if I had not made a plan. You know, it’s the whole “shoot-for- the- moon- land- on- the- stars” idea?

Career Goals:

  • Tutor in University. Consequently, be the best tutor ever; having an excellent in-depth knowledge of the material, on the ball, professional with excellent delivery.
  • Engage in RA work
  • Write at night (Consequently, to stop taking blogging as “writing”. It is not the same type of writing.)
  • Get over fear of publishing
  • Start earning money through my writing
  • Pursue PHD ( have ideas and paperwork underway)
  • Save RM 10,800 by the end of 2013

Health Goals:

  • Flat, lean, trim perut (Go for Core Ex classes at the gym!)
  • Go to the gym at least two times a week. This is more financial than health actually. The way I figure, if I go for their classes at least twice I would have spent my money’s worth. Classes for consideration: Yoga, Core Exercises, Cardio.
  • Be a full-on Pescetarian (fish and eggs acceptable). It’s my stepping stone towards a full-on vegan diet.
  • Futsal Team every Thursday (oh yeah!). Also: improve my Futsal skills. Be a midfield magician (heh heh).

Family Goals:

  • Earn enough to give family RMXXX a month
  • Help mother in ways I can (like groceries)
  • Help sister with ways I can (like baby keith)
  • always ask if they need help ( like tapau food)

Relationship Goals: 

  • Make 10 new friends, good friends.
  • Text all existing friends at least once a week (busy can not be an excuse, ever)

Self-improvement goals:

  • Always drive under or at the speed limit ( No more driving like an inconsiderate Malaysian)
  • no more cursing
  • no more drinking (It is really not good for your health, I’m starting to feel it)
  • pick up the bass
  • write music
  • make art
  • attend a show (music) I really want to, alone.
  • Attend good shows (music) around the region
  • figure out where my musical tastes truly lie
  • Reply all texts and e-mails within the day  ( Being responsible and responsive and professional)
  • Further enhance with reading many types of texts and material, news and current affairs, novels etc.
  • Finish my duo lingo French course online
  • Finish my Coursera courses
  • Finish reading all my books from Big Bad Wolf
  • Stop complaining about what I do
  • Execute dumb ideas beautifully

Personal projects:

  • Release at least 12 episodes of the Daryl and Jowee Music show. This will be a monthly podcast of sorts. The purpose and aims of this show is: 1) To be a representation of my gender in the media environment. 2) To enhance my music knowledge. 3) To create and enhance my editing skills. 4) To engage in a positive hobby with my Daryl.
  • Release at least 12 episodes of the Jowee and Zaleha Variety show. As above 1) To be a representation of my gender in the media space, to make our voice louder. 2) To enhance my video editing skills 3) To create 4) To laugh
  • 50’s fashion (or rock). Time to shop vintage. Dark red lips, curls, eyelashes. The aims for this is to just have fun, it is an interest. It keeps me thinking, inspired and creative. Also, it’s just a chance at self-expression. 
  • Social Media project  This is slightly related to #3 above. This is just taking a stab at enhancing my social media self -representation, for sustaining said inspiration.

By the way guys, it’s the year of the horse this year. My year. It’s quite significant to experience the second cycle. I have a feeling things are going to be good. OPTIMISM! #cautiousOPTIMISM!


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