What being online is like

We watch movies and all the latest series because we want entertainment. We share all the greatest travel tips and best places to visit before you die because we want to escape. We write, produce, draw, make art, music or films because we want to be noticed and praised, and oh yes because we want to create.

We criticize because being critical is the more intelligent way to be.  We share articles because it reflects us. It says more about us than we could ever tell the world by ourselves. That is why the more special and obscure and insightful the article the better, that is me! It tells the world exactly who I am. Having conversations and relationships are hard.

We are skeptics because it is cooler than to be an idealist. Also, celebrating the good and beautiful is naive.

We fall in love with our imaginations because the truth of reality is un-pretty at best.

We are activists and feminists because we want change, and it has become easier to put a label on it because it is self-explanatory. We don’t have to tell people why we have convictions, or why those principles are ours. We are afraid of truly letting our unpopular convictions be apart of us, so we have titles. And for those that does the labeling, it is so there is an easy target, we know exactly who “they” are, I don’t have to ask.

We are gatekeepers of styles and tastes because we all want to be masters and experts without actually having to do the work, and also the easiest way to be on top is if you put someone down.

Foolish, proud, hopeless; without wisdom, foresight and self-reflexiveness.

It is just easier to be.

When you are hanging out, tell them about how much you drank last week, or how wasted you got that time at that place, tell them about what you have experienced and how much you have experienced because that is the sum of our experiences.

Package it in easily digestible forms. Put it in a list, more pictures, more gifs, more videos instead of text. It is too text heavy. It has to be that way. I did not make up the rules, it just works. It has to be easier for the reader, because they are going to be reading it from their mobile phones. Curating means copying and pasting. Curating means re-sharing. Re-writing means saying ” Top ten ways to….” ” Seven reasons why …” ” Eight clues to why…” ” and wait for it, what happens next is going to blow your mind…”

That is how we are going to be become successful. That is how we will grow. This is how we are going to be better people, achieve our dreams, follow these rules of success. Repeat.

If only we were measured it likes and re-shares, everything would be simpler.



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