Of unfinished coffee, movies and relationships

I was having my morning coffee today when I realised my heart rate was going up. I had to stop. I was hesitant to leave the unfinished cup because I had that nagging feeling of not wanting to waste food.

Then I remembered, I had already paid for the cup of coffee. Whether or not I finished it should not matter, because the exchange has already been made – money for coffee.  I owed nothing and therefore would gain nothing by forcing heart palpitation on myself for the sake of some sound value meant to teach us gratitude.

It’s like that famed economic example of buying tickets for a movie. As the example goes, you suddenly have a family emergency – either your house caught on fire or your cat Pablo’s giving birth, so you’re forced to forego your movie to attend to the matter and “waste” the ticket. But because you already bought the ticket, the investment was made. You have simply weighed your options and made your decision to attend to the emergency based on what you value – possible life and death versus entertainment at the movies.

Just like love. Many people stay in relationships way past it’s due because they’ve invested. To break up, would be a waste, because one has not gotten their ROI. But remember that you’ve already paid for it – with your time, love, affections, attention… least of all money. The issue of “wasted” isn’t the issue. All you have to do now is to weigh it with what you value and which is the greater matter to attend to – whether you think it’s about leaving because you think there is someone else better for you, or staying because you want your returns, a situation that may take years depending whether or not you’ve made the right investment, and sometimes, it only depreciates.


Hope this helps.



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