If Linny, Jowee and Ea formed a band: A list of band names & Re-living the past

In 2009, Zaleha, Linny and I formed a band and entered a talent competition. We came in second place. At the time we called ourselves ” Something for Now” because we needed a band name, just something for the moment … and that is why we have the totally appropriate and totally lame-sounding, ” Something For Now”.

Now a few years later, and older and wiser, together with our newly acquired “band manager”, we managed to come up with a list of 40 awesome names to choose from and their accompanying genres. Viva La Band!

  1. Lola – Pop Rock
  2. Unjustified Notes – Singer- songwriter
  3. Rebel Causes – HXC
  4. Mrs. Big – Malay
  5. El Totoro – HXC, Pop- Rock
  6. Influx- HXC
  7. Autumn Rangers- Dream pop
  8. The Hairsprays – 60s
  9. Canning Park – Malay
  10. The TZL Experiment – Jazz
  11. Red Buttons – Brit Pop
  12. Zaleha Learns to Rock  – * (Like Michael) pop-rock
  13. Ea Learns to Rock – * ( In case Zaleha is too long, we’ll have it shortened) pop Rock
  14. Gold & Wine – Folk
  15. Tukar Kaki – * ( Like Switchfoot) Christian Rock
  16. Wink 182 – Punk
  17. AC/ Tee Jowee
  18. Time Stood Still Before Me & I’m Not Afraid To Die – HXC
  19. Lipstick
  20. ya ya yas!
  21. KL Police Club
  22. RTM BAND: Keroncong Malaysia
  23. Cheras Bicycle Club
  24. Tame Tapir
  25. My Boyfriend is Stupid – Punk
  26. Fingertips – Punk
  27. Slow Hands – Contemporary/ Indie Alternative
  28. Sediments – Some form of rock
  29. Experiments
  30. Righteous – Old School Rock
  31. Ahelaz * ( Is Zaleha spelt backwards)
  32. Her & Her
  33. She & Her
  34. Tiga Kolar T – Shirt
  35. Flying Pebbles
  36. Humming
  37. The Truth Seekers
  38. The OK-Las
  39. The boleh Jugak
  40. Rage Against the Tapirs



Bringing Things to an Island and having NO CHOICE

If there was an album, one album that I would bring with me to a deserted island, it would have to be Bon Iver’s – For Emma, Forever Ago.

For some reason I have this belief that, if I listened to this album for long enough, I could achieve some sort of hidden ability to hear deeper, far deeper into the music. There’s something about the sound it emits and his voice, and the words that just evokes that sort of feeling that this music has an unlocked level in it. I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about. But if you do, I would imagine, if I listened to it in a cave, or a cove, on the seashore, or on a pile of driftwood on the island, for as many times as I can bear, his music would sound unremittingly, unforgivingly, un-remorsefully so much more amplified. In an almost “trippy”, unearthly sort of way.

I know, we’re all already familiar with the bringing-things-to-an-island concept. The idea is that that thing we bring, is meant to be something we can’t live without, or something that is our favourite something.

Bon Iver isn’t my favourite artist though, because one, I don’t have one and its almost impossible for me to decide on what food to eat in a day, let alone something as abstract and transcendental as music. I can’t decide on a favourite anything, so I stink at this game.

But the point of this game is that we’re forced to a hand, and if forced to make a decision, we would have to make it. I decided that I might as well have to go along with “For Emma, Forever Ago” because It is my favourite album title of recent years.

Its an album that always gives me that unshakable feeling of loss, but a loss that was found in writing this music, and that there’s always a way out of the things that seem too big to bear. Its a feeling that would last me a good long time. So I would bring it.

I suppose my point is, to have no choice is a good choice. If we were forced to make a decision based on the least of elements, with the words on an album, being my defining factor, then we would do whatever we can within our capacities to make something work for us. Then decide to be happy with that choice. Because we have no other choice.

So no choice is a good choice.

I’ve recently deactivated my Facebook account, and I can tell you right now, its one of the better decisions I’ve made in life. I have a feeling I would need to go back on it again very soon for work purposes, but I also can say for certain when I’ve been left with no choice but to NOT be on Facebook, I began to expand my world knowledge on my own, and not letting whatever is on my feed to define my knowledge for me. I’ve also began to actively seek out my communication with my friends, because I had no other choice, and it has been great.

Also: Jeff Buckley’s “Grace”, or “Echoes, Silence, Patience, Grace”. Again, for the album title. Maybe, just for the “grace” that I need so much of. Like you wouldn’t believe.

……Because there are certain songs that you can listen to again and again, and certain words that you could read over and over again, that you can never grow tired of.